Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A game of pool anyone?

With so many restrictions now offering more limited physical activity levels for my husband, it's been intensely frustrating for him to note new ones from year to year, sometimes from month to month or even from week to week.

Helping him maintain a balance, it's also been bittersweet and heartwarming to see how he is adapting to positive alternative options for rendering himself a few fun activities during relaxation and wellness modes.

Since the gift of a lung disease often zaps one of energy within fair warning, sometimes in a split second if oxygen levels deplete quickly, usually a simple activity like a short walk or having to step up a few steps, both often require a recovery period when those moments very suddenly come to visit.

Recently both my husband and myself have also had to come to terms with the fact he fatigues easily during long conversations, something becoming a bit more difficult for us as a couple because after a long day at work with often many telephone conferences to attend, once returning home for the dinner hour, often we just sit, nod, and enjoy one another's company instead of entering in to torrent lengths of conversation.

We have found communication sprinkled throughout the day seems to suffice, all those techno abilities like; text messaging and email "I love yous" among others.
We save what we can for those after dinner chats we used to enjoy while walking around our neighborhood.

Oh, but we haven't been doing that either, outdoors much lately anyway for it's either too cold, too hot, too humid, too hard a moment, or too windy.

We hop into our exercise room instead, side by side on treadmill and bike.
When the spring weather decides to steady itself and remain tolerable, chances are we'll get out more often to meander about and tag the dogs along for the exercise, allowing them to stop often to sniff and check out the extrasensory overload awaiting them from the great winter snow thaw.

And we'll allow the sun to kiss our face, warm our bodies and offer us a great calming while aiming to enjoy our deck in the back, the one we had built last year, the one holding our new wooden chairs.

There have been so many limitations imposed from digressing health abilities, so something so simple as positive and gratitude thinking has become the family mantra for gathering round and creating new hobbies and fun times together.

One of those has been the introduction of the Wii video system in our home for physical movements which have benefited my husband greatly, one he also has had incorporated into his out patient physiotherapy activities with other patients once each week. We've also acquired a pool table in the past year where gathering the family round with pool cues in hand has swiftly become a common occurrence.

My, oh my we are a competitive bunch though!

In between culinary cooking sessions or evenings together at home, guess what everyone participates in? You betcha, games are sprinkled during the hours of the day or night in our sports-room-to-be.