Monday, May 24, 2010

Bonfire on Pentecost

Fiery RED colors filled my first thoughts for this day of Pentecost when heading off to church, wondering how many families might actually be donning the color red in their clothing this day.

Not too many were, though many faces nearby were turning RED due to the heat in the building from high temperatures throughout the day.

Our thermometers are reading 90 degrees today, higher with the humidity building. Yesterday was about the same as will be the rest of our week here. Thank goodness to attend a church with fans turned on full blast!

Summer seems to be here, or at the very least - right around the corner!

Fire and wind, two extreme elements, both represented this day.

In years passed, we've purchased a new family kite and windmills on wooden sticks for young children to catch the wind, representing the wind which roared through that upper room for the apostles warning of something ahead.

A bonfire this day was in order since our newly formed firepit was ready to enjoy and represented the fire over person's head in that same upper room.

Enjoying a family bonfire on Pentecost was a fitting end to the celebrations and feasting of the day.

Everyone happily anticipated gathering round the newly formed (carved and dug) firepit, with new cooking skewers in hand for roasting wieners and making a few delectable s'mores for dessert.

As the evening progressed, we found ourselves admidst a jungle of mosquitoes for a time, so the need to use a portable device came in handy nearby. Eventually they left us alone, thank goodness.

Birds visited nearby feeders as the sun descended for the night.

Younger children went to and fro the hockey net in the middle of the center tiered grassy area to kick a soccer ball around for a while, before returning to sit again.

Older daughter dozed off on my shoulder, enjoying a back rub during her peaceful unwind slumber moment.

My husband loved every second gazing at his perfectly built fire, happy to be able to sit outdoors as the humidity cleared for this bonfire enjoyment.

Our older son wasn't shy, he pulled out the guitar and began to serenade us with both voice and son.

A perfect end to a perfect day!