Friday, May 28, 2010

Seasonal Changes Out My Window

Wondering ...

Can you spot the difference between these two photos, not just seasonal changes but something else?

If you guessed that the Blue Spruce tree is now gone from its former spot, and been replaced with something else, you've guessed right!

Not only was this tree in dire need of moving away from our home to avoid damage to our concrete foundation by its ever growing and spreading roots, so too were two other "Shade Masters" further along in the same beds near our front door.

What were the former owner/builders thinking by planting such a tree in this garden area?

Weighing a mere 200 pounds (!), the blue spruce was a real laborious job to move. And the other two weighed upwards towards the same poundage.

We actually couldn't do this duty ourselves and hired out. So happy we did that!

Not sure though just what to replace all three trees with, it was off to garden center we went. A lovely suggestion came by way of the garden center landscaper who recommended a "Weeping Lilac Tree" for replacing the spruce, and "Flowering Almond Trees" for replacing the "shade masters".

What a difference these will make, no more concerns over how they might damage our home in the future.

We just love them, so pretty and delicate with their lovely pink blossoms and mauve lilac coloring.

Three weeks later, I'm happy to report, even with our tremendous heat wave since, all are thriving in their new spots. Yay!