Monday, May 03, 2010

We've been here before...

Project supplies are ready and waiting;

the paint, tape, brushes, man power, water, the works...

Time off work, to proceed with work at home.

Time to get outdoors and continue with projects awaiting completion before the beginning of mosquito and black fly season.

Just because we have desired seasonal goals to roll up our sleeves and begin the project, it's all too clear - we just can't control the weather!

So day one looked like this below, a hot and humid day ending in RAIN.

One long lonely deck built last year is now cured and ready for paint. First the railings...

Day two came and went, more man power offered to lend a hand.

Still, hot and humid, the clouds rolled in and the wetness began to trickle onto the canvas below.

What first began as a project lasting maybe one or two days at best, has ended in defeat with day three now passing.

The rain continues to sprinkle, and the thunder and lightning give life to the stillness of the quiet stormy day skies.

Hopefully there will be time to resume the task over the next day or two, allowing for yet another check mark on our list of seasonal goals complete before we are bitten to bits and our blood supply dwindles with droves of insects hunting we humans nearby their dining troughs.

Oh wait! I see a mosquito, and moths on the screen door ... drats!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow... you're only a day away!