Monday, May 24, 2010

working son

Last weekend he was offered his first big job, earning fair wages for his labors.

He'll be working at the barn up the road where our girls also have jobs when they're not riding horses. Stunned, he insisted they got the wrong brother, and then as the job offer sunk in more, he was thrilled about the whole prospect of learning while earning.

He will be shadowing the owner there, working alongside him, his two sons when they aren't busy working and their grandfather. These are all very nice Christian men, and so very knowledgeable in almost every facet of building, mechanics and farming.

Our son will be the go-to-guy really; power washing, weed whacking, painting, assisting in all capacities where he will be needed.

With steel toed boots in hand, and a large water bottle, he went off to work on Canada's Victoria
Day holiday Monday.

Five hours later he returned home, filthy! :)

He was able to offer his assistance to built a new hay wagon, and enjoying many compliments on his work ethic. We were quite stunned to find he'll be earning 7/hr. Not bad for a new teen.