Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Seasonal Changes out my Window

Happy day everyone!

Presently, seasonal changes seem to be unfolding daily before our eyes.

Views from my window include discoveries of many new tree, floral and shrub buds and of course, a plethora of forest floor greenery, all sprouting and exploding everywhere!

One week ago, I was feeling like Paul Bunyan with the sparseness in the photo below;

Sparse forest grounds last week

And now, just look how quickly our grounds have responded to this week's daily stormy rains.

How thirsty all the vegetation seemed to be with accompanying rises on the forest fire alert charts and in the media announcements.

Here's how the landscape has changed in just one week;

Same area earlier this week

And now, after all the sun and rain

It's been great for the greens and grounds to gulp up its hearty share of the sky's offerings. It's just not especially wonderful for our continued efforts of completing the staining of our back deck!

Day four and Day five have now passed, and alas the task of deck coating is forever complete.

Ending of Day 3, hot, humid and WET!

I know I mentioned we were "painting" but let me assure you we have used a "solid stain", and not paint. To realize a sanding and re-painting duty yearly is just no fun, so a few cans of "Behr"solid stain is it.

Ending of Day 4, hot, humid and WET!

Colors we chose for our deck met with a raised eyebrow initially on my husband's face, but I wanted some "color", any color around our home.

We live in a forest setting with a beigy-gray house. I like bright vivid colors myself, so was in need of having "something", "anything" for a color splash to pick it up.

Our deck colors chosen (read; what my husband would agree to) are "Moss Blue" and "Cloud Gray".

The blue is actually a gray green as you can see. I Love it! And, it's so much nicer than gray, gray and more gray.

Ending of Day 5 - after rain in between sessions, now DONE!

What are the seasonal changes in view from your window today?

Here are the archives from the same window above if you'd like to view the seasonal changes represented through my window over the past year.

Here is the LINK to click onto them.