Friday, May 28, 2010

Crossing thresholds

... for entry
into adulthood and on becoming a teenager.

As a preface here;
** Canada's youth hit this milestone entry into
adulthood at age 19,
compared to the US's age of 21 years.

Happy Birthday to two of our sons -with their birthdays exactly seven days apart.

It seems tough to fathom two more of our children have now crossed these particular thresholds, milestones for sure.

Wearing his new tshirt and sporting an NHL 2010 video game prezzie from K. , the afternoon nacho snack appeased all.

When able around his schedule, he and my husband were a few days later, off to purchase his first
men's suit, a new shirt and a classy tie. Tailoring was necessary, photos to come...

The traditional birthday breakfast was excused because instead, he opted for a birthday dinner with mom, Dad and K. He chose the restaurant -
East Side Mario.

A piece of cake with a sparkler came round, a chair was swung toward our table, and quite a few people began waving him to jump onboard.

Way up high, they sang ... a VERY long song!

Surely with all our giggles and laughter, we will remember this day - forever.

Home afterward, all awaited and were eager for more cake, an ice cream cake, your favorite. You've never been too full for more (hollow leg), so together with everyone else, we joined in the continued feasting, celebrating this new "adult" milestone birthday.

Happy Birthday Son!


Fast forward one week where we had another threshold crossing, that of tween to teen.

Another child has become a teenager in our home!

Wow, where did time go?

The traditional birthday-child breakfast took place as per usual. He too chose a family favorite restaurant - Cora's

A photo snap with Dad followed and made the tradition complete.

As tradition also holds the ability for the birthday child to order anything off the menu, he chose wisely and enjoyed a waffle, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, a rather large plate full of food precluded by a berry/yogurt smoothie.

LEGO prezzies unwrapped, happily he spent much of the day building and playing with his new sets.


Our youngest son is growing.

Soon he will be a man.

Reminder to self - DO NOT BLINK!

Happy Birthday Son!

Two of his friends (brothers) came to visit and spend the following night as our guests, all three boys taking time for an overdue visit because they live so far away and don't see one another too often.

Best of all?

They were the first to use the fire pit.