Saturday, May 08, 2010

Road tripping...

A former favorite coffee house was beckoning me towards our previous home.

Actually, three of our children were begging to return to visit with friends, birthday parties would be happening while in town.

Hoping for great weather, we four ventured off for a somewhat, mini road trip for two days. Well not really a mini due to - 8 hours on the road for the combined return driving distance.

It's been a good trip, despite every available weather element to almost ruin our efforts; rushing and gushing 70mph winds, sheets of rain, amazing lightning and thunder storms through last night and the weather network has an advisory warning of snow in the forecast for the return drive home again.

Freaky weather. And we happen to hit it BIG this time round.

Losing all my worries and concerns for the return trip home, I plunged into the frothy smooth latte delight I used to yearn for during early Saturday mornings with my husband, in this same former favorite coffee shop.

I wish he was here with me. But he wasn't able to accompany us this time.

Next time. Next time he will come and we will enjoy our rounds of frothies together.

For today though, the sun has peaked out amidst the winds rocking and swaying everything in sight.

A small child's swimming pool raced across the road in front of me a little while ago.

Wow. Strange weather for May.

Happy Mother's Day to our moms, love you dearly. Have yourselves a great weekend! Big hugs!

Also wishing all mothers a terrific day tomorrow.