Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our RED FLYER wagon

Behold - our family's "years old", red flyer wagon has reappeared!


Our red wagon came into our lives in 1993, obtained by cashing in gift points gained from a credit card usage.

It came in a great big box, unassembled and has stolen our hearts ever since.

This little mode of transportation blesses me with instantaneous mental memory slide shows, which include once upon a time wee toddlers being carted about every day for the grand trip to fetch the mail before lunch, or for use when taking a stroll with the older ones, or for use at a park with a picnic, tagging along with us at the zoo for tired wanderers to slip in to, and so many more clear vignettes of days gone by.

It really doesn't matter exactly where the memories occurred within the rewinds filling my head and heart.

All I recall is how very heart swelling the memories captured in the deep recesses of my heart are.

Whether they contain the first set of our two smaller children (children numbers 5 & 6) who were merely seventeen months apart and thought they were twins while growing up, or perhaps a memory revisit might contain the two youngest children (children numbers 7 & 8) who were only eighteen months apart, always so very eager to hop into the wagon for their daily ride.

No matter, it is removed from the storage room and has returned to us offering a useful purpose.

It's obvious the children have grown and it's no longer going to be used as a child transportation assistant, rather it sure has come in handy to use as an additional heavy load hauler or garden tool holder.

The red sides are clipped on, or sometimes found removed for hauling duties during this week's heavy duty garden carving and building work week.

It's sure been sweet watching our younger two in action throughout this past week while working ourselves silly outdoors during the warmer weather.

I've loved observing them with the wagon in tow, watching how interested they've become over using it while the wheelbarrow was being occupied elsewhere.

It's just like a barn you know.

Flyer wagons SHOULD be RED! :)