Sunday, May 16, 2010

My new chair

After 25 years, this Mama bear got a new chair.

Actually, after 25 years of making due with our four wooden chairs, purchased by a handy neighbor at that time, a new chair has been gifted to me.

Slowly falling apart over the past decade, we kept maintaining them, placing metal braces where they might be required, painting them, repainting them and then painting them again as necessary.

I've always loved our chairs.

I love how they've been the seating vessels of long, lingering moments where life stories and great sharing memories were born.

One of our chairs bit the dust before our move, collapsing down to the ground in a great big heap.

We left that one on the fire pile of our former home before moving here. Gone. Down to three.

Three rickety chairs, once again requiring bracing. Three of them. An odd number don't you think?

This year we were in need of a change. Our wooden chairs have always been basic seating. Nothing comfortable. Cushions necessary.

Last year we sorely needed to invest in new wooden chairs. Costco has perfect wooden chair kits, ready to assemble. Did you know that? And a great price for everyone. But they were sold out when we were ready to purchase them. Ah-ha, not this year though!

This year, Mother's Day came and went, and a rather long box sat resting against the wall in our bedroom. Needing assembly.

Maybe your home is like mine. Those types of projects don't happen instantly, sometimes taking the great patience of Job before coming to fruition. :)

Happy Mother's Day to me.

What a perfect gift!

And then, the thought hit me. Hard. What in the world is a solo chair without the love of my entire life near me anyway?

So, Happy Father's Day early to my hubby.

Sorry dear you had to put your own chair together, but after a bit of paint this week, we will once again have front row seats to all those very perfect summer sunsets ahead.

I'm so pleased you had a helper, a great helper to assemble the chairs. Thank you son!

I can't wait to keep our nightly date with you, holding hands and just sitting, sharing the rambling of our nothingness during our days, capturing those "chance looks" only we know the meaning of, and as usual, thanking my lucky stars for YOU.

I can't help thinking of these chairs and the great meaning they hold for my husband and I.

Just like in the art print below, the very one my husband bought for our wedding anniversary three years ago, emotions are immediately evoked for me when viewing scenes like this one. Smitten, the one he saw was already sold. Alas though, there was another, in their "other" store.

He went there.

He happened to find it.

He bought it and he brought it home, knowing I too would love it.

But he almost fell over (so did I) when the title of the print was announced as;
"The Anniversary"

.... the print he happened upon and bought for our thirtieth wedding anniversary, the one medically estimated to be one of the last few together.

Thank you for my chair! It's just like the ones in our print!

Can't wait to sit with you, duplicating the preciousness of days gone by, hand in hand with our front row seating to summer sunsets, our simple pleasure we've adopted over the years.

Love you!

"If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God."

~ G. K. Chesterton