Sunday, May 30, 2010


Most people don't get to graduate twice from secondary school, but our son managed to (sort of) do something a bit like that.

He was strongly urged (mandated actually) to repeat (a passed course with final *A* marked grading), as this Province of Ontario would not recognize the one very major and mandatory graduation requirement, that of an English 12 course from outside the province.

Even though he had already "formally graduated" last year from his senior year of highschool, this course credit hung over his head for college entry specifications he hoped to pursue.

I never did contest it, he just repeated it all over again, along with approximately 200, 18-20 year old students, in search of additional college credit courses by registering in Grade 13 at a Catholic high school.

It's been a most interesting year, especially for a young man who was homeschooled throughout his entire educational years, all the way to Grade 12. Oh, the tales that came home and ended up as discussions round the dinner table... :)

Offered the opportunity to attend Prom with others, he leaped at the chance, mostly for the experience of it all.

Remember his birthday gift? The new suit?

Well here he is.

What perfect timing to be able to wear it for the first time to the prom this past Friday evening, complete with newly buffed black shoes, a spiffy hair-do, and an equally lovely dressed gal, who accompanied him for the evening.

Posing for both of the "mom" photographers present (hers and his), together, I even suggested they pose over near my new lilac tree.

Even those "shades" looked mighty fine ... snicker.

A must wear actually, with 28C outdoors and this heat wave continuing, what a beautiful evening these two had to meet up with school friends and hash over the year's memories.