Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas - THAT was then, THIS is now

Of Christmas' past, we marvel at how time flies, especially when we just celebrated Christmas of 2010 not even a mere month ago. 

Some memories during these moments truly have a habit of remaining in our hearts. 

Please allow me to share memories of days gone by along with those of today, offering you a glimpse on how;

That was then, THIS is now.

Ten years ago our little ones desired to follow in their older siblings intrigue, that of following along and dressing up in costume in the attempt to imitate. 

Through their childlike innocence, the simple beauty of seeing those cherub faces glowing with the pleasure of seeing those around them appreciate their endeavors, surely there is goodness in their play. 

One very special and holy Christmas, we had our own imitation of the Holy Family in our home, pointing upward to give honor to the real Holy Family in the heavens above. 

Thankful to them for blessings us, this was then....

And this is now, long after those simple and childlike days of Advent and Christmas, still blessing us with their lovely goodness and wonder. 

We love you little ones.

My oh my, look how you have grown!