Saturday, January 29, 2011

a christmastime birthday

As I've shared with you before, and for those who already know me, yes my actual birthday is on Christmas day. 

I spent many years teasing my husband over how he was one lucky man;
  • His wife had a birthday he "could never" forget. 
  • He never had to take me out for my birthday, and family was always around to celebrate the day with us. 
  • Dinner was always in the oven.
  • For many years, a homemade birthday cake was made to sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" or my mother provided.
  • He only had to shop once each year for both birthday and Christmas.
Yep, I have one lucky husband! :)

Until such a time as we had to move east, if my mother didn't think (inquiring ahead very discreetly) to ensure a birthday cake for me otherwise, it was the last thing anyone remembered during this busy season. 

Fast forward ahead to now, and even though it's already been over a month since my birthday, I wanted to share with you something new that actually happened in our home. (grinning)

As our children began in late fall to drop little hints for gift ideas, I finally (overdue I suppose), mentioned there was one thing I'd love myself. I hoped to get another "betta fish" because I missed having one around in this home...snickering here, and perhaps if it wasn't too much of a hassle, I would love to have a homemade birthday cake. 

Truth be known, everyone thought I was just jesting in my usual style, so I wasn't holding my breath on either, but we ended up having a good laugh anyhow over my out of the box thinking. 

I mean, who in their right mind makes a birthday cake on Christmas day when the turkey is taking up the oven anyway? Right?

Funny thing though...

Surprisingly, they actually took it all to heart and did do just that! Right in the middle of the afternoon, truth be known, the turkey had to be removed for a time to allow the cake to bake, and then the bird was placed back inside to cook some more while the cake cooled. Such an amazing bunch I have!

For the very first time in my life, I was ushered by my family in the middle of our Christmas day afternoon, sent to my bedroom and told to stay there for a while. 

With a fresh cup of coffee offering in hand, I obliged and it was understood the door wasn't even to be cracked open for any reason at all.

Oh how they all thought they were so funny by placing SO MANY candles on my cake!
As they all sang to me, I thought;
"Happy Birthday to you too Jesus. It's such an honor to share your birthday with you."

They even lit every single one of them! 

Where's the fire folks? Holy cow, those were way too many candles!

After I summoned up the lung power to blow them all out, smoke was rising everywhere! Our younger daughter had to cover her eyes, and for sure we thought the smoke detectors would sound their blaring noisy tunes. Automatically I began waving my hands everywhere. And laughing...

Just as I thought to grab the knife and begin the ceremonial cake cutting, just like magic, one of the candles re-lit its flame again, sending all of us into great big fits of astonished laughter. Fingers began pointing towards it in disbelief, and giggles ensued for quite some time. 

Unbelievable! Now THAT was funny!

See! I told you there were MANY candles on this cake! It's sort of holey now...LOL

Throughout the day, the evening and days ahead, little surprise blessings continued to arrive in my mail box, even after my little birthday party celebration. 

Blessings from our grandchildren, and a few more from family sent my heart spiraling into emotional bliss. 

Thank you to my family for a great gift, one which obviously offered me immense pleasure and for the oodles of birthday memories to treasure. It was THE BEST tasting chocolate cake ever because I know it was made with your loving hands and by caring hearts.

I am so grateful for all my loved ones. 

How blessed I am! 

How blessed I truly am!

The funny above *someone* gifted me with, wow, it sure did offer the rip roaring and hearty belly laugh they guaranteed. 

Go ahead, have a chuckle, by taking a wee moment and watch this very short video clip below. :)