Tuesday, January 18, 2011

glimpses of christmas morning

Somewhere around 3am, our sweet little baby Jesus was lovingly placed and welcomed into our creche under the christmas tree to signify the beginning of our day.

And then, off to bed it was for all of us, having just attended midnight mass shortly before.

The Season is here...
The Reason for the Season is clear

"For God so loved the world he gave us his only Son, that whoever believes in him may not die by may have eternal life."

~ John 3:16

Greeting my morning was our beautiful daughter, outfitting me with this birthday ribbon to wear during the day. She also wore the same one for her birthday, such a sweet gesture first thing in the morning.

It became a moment of what goes around, comes back to me.

Beforehand, we had decided to simplify our day, lessen our meal fare and honor the day well.

My hubby offered a scrumptious simple (my kind of breakfast) morning, served eventually once stockings were opened up, and all were less groggy from their deep slumbers.

As tradition still ranks high on our lists for how the day will progress, the stockings were first, funny little things to get everyone all bright and cheery, slowly watching the day begin to unfold.

Taking our sweet time, there is an order to this day that never fails to be followed - more by way of tradition to carry on what is important to our family.

Stockings are always first, then breakfast, cleaning up from the meal a bit, more fresh coffee, grand event of opening gifts - one at a time, rounds from youngest to oldest.

Slowly, as gifts are unwrapped, all slowly sink in, enjoying long lingering and grateful moments while gathered round.

We aren't ever in any rush, and don't feel hurried beyond this moment right here. A beautiful tranquility and peaceful hush reigns well in our home during times such as these, something surely so wonderful to savor and behold.

And then, there is more long lingering for everyone to remain gathered, a bit more coffee sipping, and chatting up a storm before dispersing to dress and continue with our day.

...more to come.