Wednesday, January 05, 2011

of young men's hair styles

It was New Year's Eve and just before midnight when all were anticipating the mirrored ball in New York's Times Square to drop for signifying a new year upon us, our family took note of someone on the screen.

Uncanny was it for all of us to note Ryan Seacrest's new hair style, what barbers today term to be called; a mini faux hawk.

I haven't yet found the perfect photos to compare the two, but as our son stood side by side with the TV, they were definitely very much look alikes.

Twins I swear! Ryan did you steal our son's hair style? LOL And remarkable to note how apparently familiar and very popular this hair style has grown with the young men today.

When our son flicks his hair skyward after a new haircut for a time the past while, every once in a while he puts up with me sweetly commenting on it, when I let him know he's worn his hair like this before. Oh, yes he has. It looks just like when he was a wee babe after being freshly bathed when I used to brush his little fuzzy hair up the same way.

Always so cute! :)

It's definitely one of those "don't sweat the small stuff" with regards to variations on hair styles around here.

I just ensure to snap many photos for future showings for when some little person might someday ask;
"Is that how you wore your hair in the olden days?"