Sunday, January 30, 2011

our snow dog, very content in winter

Some animals survive best in certain geographical animal habitat environments. Perhaps though, some become most comfortable during certain seasons over others, just like our husky appears to be much more comfortable during winter.

During winter, we are known to live in the nicknamed "snow belt" country of our area. It's within this time frame each year when our husky dog (Sh'nook) becomes re-energized, and completely filled with wellness over the cold and snowy winter season. 


In fact, after each new snowfall, she becomes incredibly enthusiastic and so eager to get outdoors for some frolic and play, jumping and bouncing up and down in the snow to her hearts content. She's so fun to watch as she loves to snowplow right through the depths of snow, nose down to the ground, senses keen and reeling with her entire head often entirely disappearing from the human eye. 

She loves her little "dogloo" house, so similar to an igloo that when we brought it home from a seller on Craigslist in the fall, for it was then she marked it as her own, rarely allowing our golden lab dog inside. 

There is such an amazing and most noticeable transformation from summer to winter for this furry ball doggie friend, for it is here in winter that her sweet loving personality really shines through.  

In summer she wilts with the warmth of the summer sun's heat and becomes very lathargic. 

In winter, she's most content outdoors, the colder the weather the better.

She's such a nice dog, so tranquil and not at all intimidating in the least. She loves human affection, being brushed, her daily walk on the treadmill, and being around other animals, with the exception of small animals, birds and rodents, then instinct kicks in and they are in danger of being her evening dinner. 

This is the nature of this dog though, so rather than allow her to run away and be gone forever, living off such things, we keep her close and exercise her well. She could run for days without food consumption, and we'd never see her again. Fortunately the few times she has run away, she's been returned to us thankfully from her dog tags with our telephone number visible to anyone caring to take a look.

Enjoying her immensely these days, may I present to you a pictorial on our "winter dog" at play.

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