Friday, January 07, 2011

turkey pot pies

One sure guarantee the week following Christmas is leftovers spilling out of the fridge.

We always have enough food and meal remains to last the entire following week. How to be creative with the turkey portion leftovers in particular, never seems to be a problem around here.

My husband was inspired to try making a turkey pot pie filling, eventually ending up with quite large pot pies for the family dinner.

First, he thought maybe he would take a trip to the local grocery store to purchase a few pie shells to complete his dinner menu. problem though, we make our pie dough around here, something new to him I know.

Playing the big wig chef part, I was summoned and delegated the part of sous chef to whip his dough up, you know, the pie dough.

With a wooden rolling pin in hand, I set the completed ball of freshly made dough before him on a sprinkled flour counter top and handed all over to him. And with serious concentration, he was steady handed, rolling, forming and molding his shells to complete his lovely turkey pot pie creations.

Surprisingly, he got all fancy on me again, finding a wee heart cookie cutter to afix heart shape embellishments in the center of each pie top.

So cute!

Munching while working on the fresh chocolate chip cookie offerings that our gals and their friends baked together beforehand, all was smelling mighty fine in our kitchen. And dinner was truly a lovely and refreshing change for our family.


On another related note;

I was so excited to gift my hubby with the most perfect Christmas gift this year.

I wanted to offer him the opportunity to take his culinary skills to new heights, at least gift him with the opportunity of getting out of the realm of solely using"the food channel" on the television and onward towards a hands-on and most practical chef learning experience.

Therefore when I saw an advertisement for a "Chef's Basic Culinary Boot Camp", it had his name emblazoned all over it!

And Voila!

This has been week one of four classes for him. He can't wait to return again next week for session two.

Topics of instruction for the most part of the evening were; "knives".

He learned all there was to know about knives, including how to use, store, sharpen and laughed about cutting every type of fruit and vegetable known to mankind in the process.

Wait a minute. Did he brag about making a rose from a radish? Yep, he did!

I know the rest of us will gain from his chef boot camp experiences, and this will turn out to be one of those "can do" type of hobbies no matter the health issues ahead.

Next week will be more delving into warm foods, things like sauces, creams, broths from scratch, spices and so forth, having been told the students will be making a delectable pernot sauce poured atop of fresh scallops! As per the rewards of the love of foodies, they are entitled to eat anything and everything they create.

I'm loving his enthusiasm after only one session, and I can't wait to see his response to next week's class!

If I didn't know him better, I'd think he's really LOVING this?