Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

It's time once again for another installment of my "Ten Things" to be thankful for, always varied, always random bits in positively NO particular order.

Yes, the word "random" comes to mind when I hold on to a memory, or jot down a small grateful thing, and then ultimately begin posting some of my "ten things" on the blog.
There will always be no rhyme nor reason to the chosen photos or situations. Sometimes I want to kick myself afterward though, I mean ~ why not post several dozen thankful things instead.

Because I could do that.

I know I could.

Some I may choose to highlight might make no sense to others, but rest assured, all make perfect sense to me. :)

In my recent post on "turkey pot pies", I found myself intentionally hovering near to my husband, focusing on his hands while in motion, as he
so delicately began tenderly molding our family's evening dinner. I've never seen him make pies before, a first. I found myself transfixed (with camera in hand), frozen for a time while watching all in progress.

It's also in those types of very personal and thoughtful reflections when I can easily include the blessing his hands offered that night in my gratitude list, definitely when noting the gentle way he lovingly created those pies for all of us.

Please know for certain that my own personal thoughts on true thankfulness can obviously never be offered, nor delivered in true completeness within one simple post. And in case you just might find it interesting and want even more today, you can always skip along to view other "thankful" posts by clicking onto the archives located - right HERE.

**( Just a note that I finally took the plunge by taking on the new Blogger editor programming, and I'm having a few technical difficulties over font and color issues. Seems all was reformatted in the switch and I'm not totally sure how to reverse this just yet.)

- 1 - I'm thankful for a few new magazines gifts at Christmas. These are currently awaiting my reading pleasures on my night table, for when I have a few stolen moments to drift away and sip a cuppa something hot.

There is always something celebratory about perusing through a "Victoria" magazine this time of year, something elegant and filled with interesting seasonal lovelies. The "Home Companion" magazine is also another I like to glance through upon occasion, always something of interest it seems in every issue. Thanks for these Mom & Dad.

(speaking of Christmas, I have photos uploaded and posts in my draft box, all soon to come)

- 2 - I'm thankful for these two printer type set drawers I found (for a fabulous 2/1 deal) at an antique store a while back, the ones I was able to clean out and use for a specific and most perfect function in my craft/office room. I love these, and if I ever were to find more for a reasonable price, I'd buy them too! I just have to figure out a secure way to attach them to the wall someday, so for now they are leaning on top of my shorter shelving units.

As you can see in the photo above, I had many individual rubber stamps which have been stored for a long time all muddled together in rubbermaid drawer systems. All are now available in a jiffy, viewable at a glance, which makes them even more functional for me to grab easily when thick in crafting moments. They also allow me to replace the stamp again, keeping clean up a breeze, all organized and out of the way.

- 3 - I'm thankful for
some fresh and new washcloths, the ones above made from my mother in law's loving hands - pretty ones just for me. She is a such a gifted knitter, and wonders why we all make such a fuss over being gifted with these. Oh that's easy really, all the gals in the family just LOVE them! Thanks Mom B.

- 4 - I'm thankful for such a thoughtful gift from my daughter, especially when she later shared with me how much she knew I loved candles all over the house now that we don't have wee ones any longer.

I am such a safety freak, I rarely used to lite a candle in my home when they were all little folks, mostly because we have had experience with a house fire and I would always hover within range nearby if one was burning any time. These days I am still a safety freak about candles, fire and all things which burn easily, but much more relaxed about the trade off for producing a warm ambiance in our home instead. Thank you darling!

- 5 - I'm thankful
that she FINALLY decided to begin driving!

With her brother now driving on his own and sporting his own vehicle (still doing the happy dance about that myself!), she is on her way to getting the hang of motoring around. Soon she'll begin her driver's ed and defense classes, and glide forward towards her G2 license. By summer she hopes to have her own vehicle and be able to get herself to college in the fall. Pinch me, the whole thought of it all just really offers this mama such bliss.... ahhhhhh.

- 6 - I'm thankful for not being forgotten this year when the mail lady plopped this postcard into my mail box. Yes folks, when one signs up with Starbucks online, they will send you a free ANYTHING drink card on your birthday. I was so excited to get this! This week I thoroughly savored the flavor of a skinny grande vanilla latte. Yum! Thank you Starbucks for remembering me this year!

- 7 - I'm thankful for wee moments of simple pleasures when sitting for a time offers me food for thought, quite literally, soft little reminders I like to hide amongst my things to discover and ponder over and over again. Yes, this is such a precious quote! Let's ponder it shall we? 

 (She even placed the jar of chocolate peppermint bark she helped to make, so he could take a piece to work with his coffee. The note was a bit damp, all protected and dry now)

- 8 - I'm thankful for the simplest and yet the sweetest of pleasures! As the last man standing by the end of the night, I've been able to have a nightly observation at the coffee pot, always a little note resting propped up against it, as our youngest daughter continues her daily early morning note greetings to her daddy. There is something that almost takes my breath away here, the ever-growing love relationship between these two, when being an observer to the efforts she makes in nightly setting up the coffee pot for her daddy's early morning rise, plus always ensuring a happy morning greeting to go along with it. An extra piece of paper with pen/pencil rests nearby so her daddy can return his own note greeting back to her. 

First thing after she wakes, she pitter pats down the stairs to find her own note, scooping it up and taking it to her bedroom. For quite some time, she was throwing away her own notes and only keeping her father's. I've encouraged her to save both, as together, they do tell a whole little story all their own. I can see these becoming cherished keepsakes for the future, perhaps scanning all into a book someday entitled;
Morning greetings from "Bubbles" and her "Dad". :)

- 9 - I'm thankful for this Christmas gift, the one which reminds us over and over again the importance of HOME! And the scripture verse is just perfectly fitting;
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" ~ Jeremiah 24:15

- 10 - I'm thankful for all the medical care stumbled upon which has turned out to be "God ordained" for sure, since our move here two years ago now.

I will forever remain deeply indebted to persevering and trusting in blind faith, following our directed move here. At first there were many days when I wondered what in the world we were doing here, and now there are few days when all doesn't make perfect sense!

I will always be grateful for the respiratory physiotherapy my husband continues to reap the health benefits from, and even though he will sadly never "get better", we can only hope and pray the ongoing benefits of this type of constant care will hold him and keep all from digressing as swiftly as anticipated every other year or so in the past.

Still not having been discharged from outpatient care at the hospital's resp. physio program, last summer my husband was asked to become a photographer's subject. Over 250 pictures were snapped of him while being directed through a usual routine by one of his physiotherapists. Just before Christmas, and after teasing him for the past few months about being the newest hospital "poster boy", some brochures were forwarded to us in our mail as sneak peaks, along with a thank you note for posing months ago. Well now, so there he was within the pages for all to see. More photos will emerge over time from his "story", hopefully benefiting someone else in the future.

This year we plan to be hanging out much more on our other blog, the one bringing public and cyberspace awareness to his rare type of respiratory disease. In just three months, we have been contacted by four others quite literally around the world who have also been diagnosed with this same disease, all rare people in the medical world. Though not many compared to other types of respiratory diseases, nevertheless, we will begin to dive in and endeavor to expose and bring it out there, in the hope of uniting and helping another.

Come on over and visit sometime, perhaps even consider bookmarking the site. We're a little behind on posts, time has been a factor over the Christmas period. But, if the stats to date can tell a story all by themselves, it's been getting quite a lot of worldwide attention, so we're motivated and planning to devote more time to its improvement, jointly with others who have been in contact with us, those who will also be sharing their stories on the same rare disease.

Here's the link --- "Mounier-Kuhn Syndrome Journey"

Well, there's another ten things from me for now, ten chosen for no rhyme and no reason, just because.

What are your thankful things today, or this week?

Are you jotting them all down on your gratitude lists?

If not, it's never too late to begin. Why not start today?

(P.S. Our older daughter is having to practice much patience, especially over all the time-able labor the past two weeks. Instead, an overdue baby girlie is having baby giggles within, so comfy cozy there, trying to figure out when she wants to come along. Maybe by the 29th, on her Auntie's birthday?)