Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11 / 52 weeks

A little late to the plate, but it's here...

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

** Ahhhhh, it's always so good to sit across from my hubby and watch him delight in another one of his kitchen foodie creations! His skills continue to grow in MY kitchen. (grinning) Here he is attempting to peel a frozen banana. :)

Conversing while dinner is being prepared, is a good thing for a married couple.

** It's only been 16 years since this "rainy day portrait" was sketched of us in charcoal. This was one thing I was able to recover from the archives of my scrapbooking shelves while the big room switch happened, the very portrait that meant the world to us, and yet, it was rolled up and just resting there.....still! No more! 

Everything has a story, that I know for sure. The story on this sketch of us as a couple occurred during our "honeymoon", eighteen years after standing on the altar. Yes, with six children at home, my husband gave me a present to remember, time away from his busy work schedule, a whole THREE days you know (wink) that would include travel to and from Hawaii in that time frame, to the beautiful island of Maui. 

I'm not sure which initial shock was more difficult to overcome; having a ticket for two in my hand as a lovely surprise, or knowing all we would have was three days in total. It rained the second day after arriving, and instead of being a real lousy moment, we were surprised the hotel we were staying at offered all of their patrons activities to make up for the weather. Not only did we have a bubbly and interesting artist sketch us together, we had a photographer snap us together, and then I was able to make my very own fresh floral lei to wear, for one more HALF day before returning home again. 

Word to the wise, always hit Hawaii for a longer period of time. 

** And the Pony Pals Club were at it again, this time crafting up an array of photo frames to hold their personal portraits inside of horse riding. I think the painting below summarizes these horse crazy gals' idea of fun...

St. Patrick's Day

** It was good to FEAST during LENT, oh yes it really was. St. Patrick's day somehow this year became a warm sentiment, and not just for acknowledging St. Patrick, which of course is also dear to my heart. 

It was a pivotal moment for me personally, remembering it was only four years ago on March 17th, when we flew to the west coast to reunite with our children and grandchildren, and to also celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with the gift of family and friends, all present for one most memorable evening to remember.

There were so many things to bring some emotion to my day, such happy memories to be blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives. 

 Thank you everyone for making this special time for us.

How great it was to review our album of events from that timing, and to see once more - so many beautiful faces. I pray for those we've lost since then, timely to be able to celebrate life and love with them near for such an occasion for sure. 


** It was quite a surprise to find my memory card full and battery dead on my camera. And then, once recharged, I found things like this awaiting me, like sunshine on a summer's day! 

There they were, two happy girls, one wearing a beret, the other a 1980's ponytail. Sweetie pies both!

** Lent; A time for comfort foods, simple soups and less bulk.

** I know the preference is to grind the coffee beans fresh for every new pot, however with children preparing the coffee pot for dad's morning departure, it only makes sense to have someone grind an entire container when necessary instead. It's so much more convenient too to have it already ground at 5am when someone forgets to get dad's coffee ready.)

** An upload, a coffee, and a mommy moment loading photos onto flickr. 

** Hair cuts were in order for two of our younger children. But this one only wanted a trim because she's still growing her hair long, so one day when it reaches the maximum length possible, it will all be cut off for cancer wig making. 

** Still thrilled about our snowmobiling experience in Ontario's winter wonderland, loaded all the photos and video clips up and now working to get on with the video production - to come.

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