Friday, March 04, 2011

Please, oh please mommy...

Please mommy, can I PLEASE have winter lessons and not take three months off during the coldest months of the year? 

I'll even help pay for my own lessons. 

I will mommy, I promise I will.

And with that, the warm welcome to the new barn setting began for her, on the heels of her sister's coat tails, though much sooner than first expected.

And also with that, one very determined young gal embarked on a fundraiser like no other, with humble beginnings, along with many other very business like propositions which have thrust her into meeting her promises for these winter lessons. 

As mommy stands by freezing to bits in clearly frigid wintry conditions, this daughter (like her sister who also contributes monetarily to her own lessons) takes care to purposely glance over my way, and offers a thank-you spirited type of smile that always manages to melt my heart right there on the spot.

And she should smile, for she has shown incredible determination, hearty bouts of courage at the seemingly extraordinary goals, with remarkable and truly impressive results, all in order to obtain her horse loving lesson continuation. 

To begin her road to financial success.... 

  • When everyone began clearing out clothing from their seasonal closets, and after remembering an advertising I spoke to her sister about, an idea sprang forth. A teen/young adult clothing store in town purchased used clothing on the spot, and not the usual consignment type of store - rather cold hard cash! She took her older brother and sister's clothing (some new with tags still on), for an instant cash sale. Woohoo!  
  • Next door to this clothing venue was a similar store, a children's used clothing store, and the end result was the same - cash on the spot for used children's clothing up to size 12, plus toys and games. Guess who's clothing and games went there? 

(clothing we took to the stores...for cash!)

And so it continued, three places in the same night!
  • Up next, we had cleared out a full bag of DVDs no longer wanting to take up precious shelf space, and we located a media store who purchased used movies on the spot. 

Laughing heartily and quite impressed after just one evening's three store visit CASH BOOTY, I had to shake my head over this fabulous beginning, on one young girl's unique winter lesson financial goals.

It was amazing to see all one could accomplish in just one night with her mommy doing the driving and helping in the bargaining effort! 

  • Add into these dollar amounts some of her savings in the bank, and voila, she had her dollar portion quota for two of the three month's winter lessons in a jiffy.

It's a "girl thing", of that I am very sure! 

Why not prefer summertime lessons over these freezing cold toed months?  I have no explanation for these horse lover daughters of ours not shrugging off the freezing cold and preferring sunshine instead for such a sport.

 With a new coach and different style of teaching, this gal is learning so much already!

With her full share of payment almost entirely paid for, she's now set her sights on her future summer horse show fundraising, and I have no doubt she will find a way to further her goals in all things horse related. 

Great things come with humble and small beginnings. 
Her friend made these for her birthday, so true!

Hers is blossoming into the ideal "value of the dollar life lesson" resulting in a deep appreciation for goals and dreams tangibly realized. She committed to a goal, and in turn, through observations of her own efforts, we assisted to our part of the commitment towards her dream. 

These are those precious life lessons we've attempted to instill in every one of our eight children at one time or another. 

"Show us HOW BADLY you want it, and we'll be your number one cheerleaders!". 

Only now, it's her turn, and by far, she is not only showing us, but her determination is to absolutely be admired.

First winter lesson of the New Year, and  some unusual friendly competition begins. She's got the hang of it now folks, just not quite right then. She giggled quite a bit when she had completed her session though.

to be continued...