Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of wedding anniversaries...

 #34 for us to be precise

Take one evening in early March, 

... and drift away in total amazement when realizing another wedding anniversary has now officially passed, smiling at the thought of leaving an entire medical community yet again baffled, over the fact that we surpassed all odds, and were able to celebrate our special day together, THIS YEAR - 2011

This past weekend, we very quietly celebrated our wedding anniversary, not just any for sure, all have been incredibly important for us, especially now. 

Thirty-four years ago, we were both so very young, obviously very much in love, and married one early March morning. 

Our future looked so rosy and golden. 

It was instantly filled with hope, and the promise for that dreamy and utterly romantic desire of "forever after" that every young person wishes for, and continues to pray for, shortly after reciting their marital vows before God. 

Young and naive for sure, who could even begin to predict what the future would bring for us...

For sure, we had no obvious smidgen of a clue what was awaiting us along our path and journey into our blissful wedded forever future. 

We didn't even care about that. 

Today was good enough for us. 

Today is good enough now... 

"Every day when we are able to crack open our eyelids, and feel our breath on our lips -  well now - that is a most perfect gift" 

So let us truly cherish every second, and every moment, for we do not know the day, nor the hour when this earthly forever will end, and every new milestone together will be no more...

Who would have thought after the last emotionally flattened medical prediction four years ago, we would still be able to continue holding hands, share another sunset, celebrate another anniversary dinner by candlelight, and savor the blessings of our 34th wedding anniversary milestone year of marital goodness. 

Last weekend, that's just what we did.

Thirty-four years ago I changed my surname from maiden to married, vowing "forever" as I stood on the altar. 

And, thirty-four wonderful forever-feeling years are now formally ours to behold, to cherish, to tuck down deep in our hearts, and to be ever-thankful for.

And happy are we to continue baffling the medical community....
How to Celebrate a Beautiful Anniversary

(author unknown)

Recall the years you've spent together,
making a home, 
building a life
Each year is a unique blend of ups and downs, 
fresh starts,
and happy endings.

Replay the memories, 

Retell the stories.

Reaffirm the friendship at the heart of your romance.
To be loved for who you are is a rare gift.

Hold hands.

Laugh a lot!

No matter how busy life is,
make time for togetherness.

Reflect upon the lessons time has taught you.
The importance of patience, the art of compromise.

The healing power of forgiveness.

Marriage takes effort and giving with your whole hearts.

Be proud of what you have together!

Renew your commitment, 
knowing that a good marriage is a lifetime of  "I do's".

Savor the privilege of being companions on life's journey.

Daydream about all that's still to come.

Remember how lucky you are,

and be happy....


Pray always...


be so very, very thankful for every little bitty thing!

 Always celebrate life with great joy!

Every new day I still marvel over all that has passed, hope for the blessings of all there is to come, and feel so privileged by what has already been ordained for us to date.

  • Thank you Lord for my husband, my man and my greatest love
  • Thank you Lord for the blessing of our eight children, for their caring and loving spouses, for our precious grandchildren, for our terrific parents, and for our entire families at large.
  • Thank you Lord too, for the steadfast, loyal and forever friendships we cherish, and for the way they've enriched our lives along our journey through married life.  They are gifts, to treasure, just as our family members are.

Happy 34th Anniversary to my hubby! 

You're still the one.....