Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thinking of spring in winter

It's sure difficult to feel like spring is supposed to be right around the corner. What corner is that when we just had an eight inch snowfall last Sunday?

I wonder, just who's corner of the earth will Spring come to first?

Well, not mine I can assure you.  In fact, we're really enjoying the remains of our sunny winter days over here.

Alas though, we can think spring can't we? 

My hubby and I attended a home and garden show last weekend, looking for something spring, something colorful and inspiring. He got his inspiration below;

And I got way more (wink) while admiring the many exquisite and tempting colorful displays around the adjacent greenhouse garden center where the event was held. 

NOW, this is Spring! 

Happy thoughts to everyone for peaceful times in the garden ahead, for the many pastel bursts of flowers sure to visit in time, and for being able to meander about outdoors again without having to don a mighty thermal jacket beforehand. 

All of this promised to us --- right around the corner we are told. Maybe in your corner before mine though. 

Here's to you then, a myriad of garden colors, and serious thoughts of spring...