Friday, March 18, 2011

Our upcoming video trailor teaser...

Snowshoeing fun! 

Almost grueling, this type of workout will test the best of the best - when your guide takes you out for a tour that accidentally lasts two hours, (instead of one) because we worked our way through a forest, to a ridge (so many hills!), then up again to admire the view.

Problem was, there were no designated trails anywhere - that is, except for the one he carved while walking before us in melting fluffy snow conditions, and having to watch out for small branches snapping around as we passed through them. 

Side benefit? 

All were sleeping like a baby that evening. Falling behind, this is one of the video clips I was able to record when we were nearing the end. Holy smokes! So worked out, so overheated, everyone tossed coats and gloves off and yearned for water. Exhilarating, but so tiring...

A wee bit of a spoof, our video will be something like a college hooray likened to those great "Sarah Palin's Alaska" shows we were able to record at home. 

This inspiring Alaska showcase series prompted us to feature some of our own winter fun, obviously in our own Canadian province, all which has to be credited back to her and her family's show.

This is also the reason why we've been joking about, calling our escapades;

THIS is Our Ontario! 

Actually, we first joked around by repeating; 

"THIS (insert Ryan Seacrest voice here) Is OUR Canadian Winter

(I can't wait to show you more of our video clips soon)

Snowmobile Rookies;

Hanging out within the Blue Mountain snowmobile trails. 

THIS was one of our very BEST winter experiences to date here in Ontario!


The only unfortunate part of creating this video for our own keepsake, and to share with family and friends, is living in an area where high speed internet is still not available, and our satellite internet just doesn't cut large uploads and downloads to create such a movie. 

I would like to request your patience as I am unable to edit all the uploads made recently at the coffee shop and/or library with high speed abilities. It's sometimes a real discouraging thing to be sure to be frustrated over this modern day inconvenience, but soon, this movie will be complete. 

I promise. :)