Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

Or is it? 

I took a walk while wearing my husband's tall Arctic thermal boots yesterday afternoon, and made my way into the back of our boreal forest property, the scene shown above. 

The snow was icy. I never sunk walking over it through the property, not once. Still crisp and very crunchy, I felt like I was walking on an ice pack, and I suppose I was. 

Yesterday was the first day of spring on my calendar. How about yours? 

When viewing and experiencing our property scene, capturing with my trusty camera photos as it appears, I really have to wonder where spring is. 

As I filled a few bird feeders and set them up to invite the birds of spring back again, suddenly a chorus of bird song erupted, and it wasn't the usual woodpecker, crow and raven only noises of late. Oh no! There were many lilting and heavenly birdie songs in the trees, though for some reason I wasn't able to spot one single bird anywhere! They were here though. Yes, they were! 

And then, just as I headed back up to the house, I was blessed by this gift below. 

Buds appeared before me, a sign spring is indeed beginning to draw near.

Happy Spring Everyone!

Funniest thing ever - it snowed last night and there is a dusting of feathery light snow everywhere, especially on rooftops. The snowplow just drove by, I guess he was checking out the roads.