Friday, March 11, 2011

the art lesson - using pastels

All of the children were in for a big surprise when one of the Dads in our little church homeschooling group, a renowned artist who owns his own studio, showed up for the morning gathering, complete with cases of his pastels. 

Combined with this super pastel booty was the offering to teach a private group art lesson using them as the art medium for the lesson. His wonderful gift of time and talent offered to the entire group at large allowed him to become so intrigued by the eagerness displayed by this bunch, he has continued to bring new lessons to teach each month ever since.

Everyone present who wished to sit for the lesson and his instruction after lunch, waltzed over to his reserved table areas. His unique offering was very well received. 

In fact, these gals sat down again later on when they discovered all of the boys much preferred to run amuck in the frigid snowy weather outside instead during this particular timing. The girls didn't wish to leave the hall when it was time to go, that is until their projects were complete, forcing the mothers to sit and have yet another cup of coffee while waiting to end the day's event. 

This activity has become one of our daughter's very favorite during these sessions, such a great side benefit to our homeschooling gatherings. 

"As soon as I began blending those beautiful sticks of pure pigment with my fingers, I was hooked! – a medium with no drying time and such a tremendous variety of hues..." ~ Kathryn Mullaney

Now she is torn though (smile) because the artist's sweet eleven year old daughter brought along a few containers of her own last month, all filled with seed beads, and she is offering after lunch time little lessons, teaching the children how to make animal pins to wear. 

They are all so cute, regrets only though for not having photo to show you here. Next time perhaps.