Wednesday, March 02, 2011

8 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

I'm late getting this blog post published, all was from last week...

~ 1 ~ In town overnight last weekend were two dear friends from Indiana, about to board a train for a cross Canada trip the following day. 

An invitation had arrived the month previous, to see if we could meet them for a late afternoon catch-up chat and subsequent dinner at their hotel, and I have to say, it was absolutely special and timely to have friends nearby for such an occasion as this one!

My hubby ordered a dessert on the menu out of crazy curiosity, a handmade chef-created vessel filled with a raspberry and fontina cheese dessert, called :"The Algonquin Canoe". It even came with a chocolate paddle! Delicious!

What  a treat to be able to use the valet parking free of charge, paid for by the hotel restaurant where we dined. Wonderful too because while we were visiting and enjoying our festive mean inside, it was snowing quite hard outdoors. It was a long, snowy drive home afterward, so great not to have to scrape any windows before leaving.


2 ~ I've received a few emails asking "when" I will be posting my craft room redo, and all I can assure you is that it's coming. 
Part of the ongoing processing of that room has been to finally attack the details, those left unexpectantly from our move, little things which I've not yet found reason to place on my priority list. That, and also, replacing as many light bulbs as possible with spectrum lighting so my photos turn out properly without having a window for natural lighting in there. 

Meanwhile, in between the usual routines of life, I'm sorting a mess of brads, eyelets, beads, and all sorts of crafting embellishments. What a tedious process, but with a cup of tea and a few moments in my day, I've actually been quite enjoying the final bit of organizational duties in my little space.

3 ~ As I've been sorting out my kitchen, pantry and laundry room this week, I've been able to accumulate one more load of donated items headed towards the Goodwill, feels so good to get this area in good order.

4 ~ Speaking of laundry room, as I wiped out the interior of all the cupboards during one schooling session happening nearby, the washer and dryer were in sync with me, roaring away, and in the process of my cleaning the kitchen, the laundry was completed around all at the same time. 

Empty sorting laundry canvas bags for the first time in a while were a sight for sore eyes, even those items I've been procrastinating to wash, like horse riding gear, and hockey stench items. All are now washed, destunk :)m and out of there! I think I scored when realizing there are only four items beckoning an ironing duty. 

Yep, if we are thankful for even the mundane of life, this was one mundane but wonderful duty to have behind me.

4 ~ As items were continually being washed, sorted and moved during that kitchen clearning so I could wipe out the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, I (blech!) soon realized it's been a while since the silver was last polished. Don't get me wrong, I love my bits of silver, but I have to say, this is one of my most dreaded jobs. Why does silver have to tarnish anyway?

With many younger children at home over the years, I've always had an army of helpers, who have always taken pride in our polishing sessions while donning large older socks on their hands to buff things up and assist in getting the task at hand all complete, and were really great at this job.

Now, not so much.

The younger ones aren't especially excited like they once used to be to become my helpers for completing the silver polishing task, but they will still volunteer to trade assigned learning for polishing none the less, or at least delay it a bit to help out. And someone always manages to reach for that old toothbrush to keep the crevices nice and tidy for me.

5 ~ Twice each month, our two youngest have been attending a "teen writing workshop" course together, taught by one homeschooling mother, a former highschool teacher. 

They've realized two sessions so far, the latest being last Friday, and what a beautiful resource this has already become for them. The Thesaurus is out, and both are filled with confidence now that I've explained what their homework of "tweaking words" encompasses. They weren't too sure at all about "tweaking", just what it was, or what one did to accomplish it. We're all good to go here now. :)

7 ~ Girls were baking cookies in the kitchen, and a horse movie (Secretariat) rested on the counter. And, a whole late afternoon and evening were filled with numerous teens hanging around playing board games beforehand.  

It's all sometimes very loud and noisy, but all only good times...

8 ~ Looking for a bit of spring, but not finding it here when peering through this window yet...

9 ~ A stack of those mini booklets which accompanies the purchase of new appliances, plus their mini cookbook offerings lay before me last week. Having many family favorites already, I found most of these were no longer required around here, of no use really since we obtained them. Pitched to the recycling, and now vanished from my cookbook shelf, a few less things are now taking up space in my home.

10 ~ Schooling amongst the roses which are still beautiful and gorgeous in their table/kitchen presence.

 11 ~ Bowls, and mostly spoons have been the order of the week for continued mushy food required by our daughter with her wisdom teeth surgery behind her. Every day she's resorted to her favorites of; yogurt tubes, puddings, blended soups, fruity protein smoothies, applesauce, and plenty of baby arrowroot cookies to melt on her tongue.

12 ~ And the rest of the week rolled on by, assorted other issues of the usual and regular at hand. 

There were a few other details which were a highlight, especially for me. I  had a dentist appointment last Tuesday to begin the replacement of a right side smile-line crown on my upper teeth. A situation occurred with the tooth while sneaking in a late night bath last week. 

(Warning, this is a true story, a real funny...) 

With bar of soap in hand, and wet hands, very quickly it somehow squirted like a rocket right away from my grip, flying through the air and landing on the floor with a great big thud. I thought I may have woken up my husband snoring loudly in the next room. It was that loud. 

Luckily, I did not. 

As I leaned over the tub to grab that darned bar of soap (laughing quietly to myself at the comedy of it all), my towel rolled off the edge of the tub and into the water, now beyond usable while dripping and soaking wet. 

I was able to scrounge up another towel not far away, and while hastily drying up after my silly soap and towel experiences, I accidentally bumped my mouth with my fist, hard enough, which loosened my temporary crown, and I stood there dumbfounded as it slowly tumbled out of my mouth and landing in my hand. Oops!

I felt so silly being in this predictament, specially when viewing the results of the tooth resting in my hand in my reflected mirrored self. Thank goodness the dental assistant had given me a package of glue in the event this happened, so with caution, I tiptoed out of the room to fetch my purse because that's where it was. 

In the even later hour of the night, I began mixing the two compounds together, trying to apply the glue into the interior of the temporary tooth, white stuff all over by now, and not washing off of my fingers.

Instead of allowing the frustration I felt begin to mount (it took skill and patience, silly thing), I thought of the humor of the situation, rewinding a bit, remembering the soap, the towel and now the hilarity of it all made me begin to smile. And then, I felt a giggle work its way up my throat. Eventually, I had to leave the room because the giggles were beginning to escape my mouth and I was getting too loud. Smothering my mouth to quiet myself, realizing briefly I might again knock out the temp. tooth if I wasn't careful, and then laughing again over that crazy thought, but all the while not wanting to chance waking up my hubby. He rises very early you know, and this was almost midnight by now.

Just as I had calmed down and was falling asleep, my husband stirred and woke, glancing at the clock and wondered why I was so late coming to bed. 

The mundane of the late night hour?  Listen folks; I can assure  you that there just ain't NOTHING mundane in my life! LOL

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