Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Birthday / Pony Pal Club's activities

As the Pony Pal Club / Birthday Party proceeded throughout the afternoon (two weeks ago), all of the girls present kept mentioning throughout the day how much they were loving their time together.  

  • Indulging in a bit of cupcake decorating, each girl had been assigned the task of artistically design topping decor on one cupcake per each gal's family member, so they could take them home for all to enjoy later on. 

Please take your pick;

Will it be...chocolate or plain cupcakes they chose, both kinds were up for grabs. For transporting these somewhat messy food items, I was thrilled to locate cupcake boxes at the "Bulk Barn Store", a mere .59 each, completely saving the day over just "how" these would be brought home for the girls' final creations. 

As they began to create their own unique works of art, it was interesting to observe how focused they all became, particularly over how they wished to perfect each delicate looking cupcake, slowing down the process to get everything, just right. 

I thought they all did a fabulous job!

It wasn't at all a surprise when a few admitted to being mighty tempted to plop one into their mouths, and began chatting it up about how grand it would be to be able to consume one right there and then on the spot.

Temptation had indeed grabbed hold of them, and they weren't quite expecting my response of - "Why not? Go ahead."

Smiles galore...

And then there was their crafting time, making Valentine cards with a horse theme (of course, as it's a Pony Pal Club project).

The end results of the crafting time were wonderful cards, some available for photos and others sealed shut already and decorated, so no photos of those ones. 

They all told me how much they loved the crafting moments this day, and the cupcake making fun, but there was more to come...

Dinner time saw the gals sitting amongst blue streamers, balloons and horse decor, naturally applauded and loved by all these horse loving ladies.

It was really, really (!) cute to watch our daughter open up a few thoughtfully chosen gifts her friends blessed her with, and as one gal stood up next to her to watch closely, all very quickly also ended up hovering nearby within minutes of the photo snapped above. So cute!

So blessed to have such lovely girlfriends!

And, so blessed to have girlfriends who share the same passion for horse riding, horse fun and horses in general!

As darkness fell, our family vehicle was loaded up with a variety of ice skates, warm winter jackets - and the girls were ready for our night time skating at our neighborhood outdoor arena. Off to our local ice arena we drove, as quite a snowfall began to hinder the view from my windshield.

After arriving and viewing the ice skating surface, we were quite surprised when noting the large amount of drifting snow resting around the perimeter, still awaiting snow removal. All of this landed there in just the time frame of one windy blowing day! 

With the only exception of one young neighbor boy already skating there when we arrived, once he left, the gals ended up the only skaters for the duration of our evening.

The falling and drifting snow made for a winter wonderland, not even deterring nor wavering the girls' enthusiasm for making up and playing games, clearing a bit of snow with the tools nearby, and cheering one another on all over the ice. 

While untying skates, all concluded this skating activity should become a regular Saturday evening activity every weekend  - for the rest of winter! What a good time had by all, even me!

Such a wonderful birthday celebration would not be complete without extending enormous love
and gratitude to good friends, more crafting ahead of time warranted blessings from one to another.

Thank you!

Two words which are appropriate and in fashion any time...because sincere gratitude is a language from the heart any person understands.