Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Equestrians and their gear!

Horse riding and barn fashion.

Our equestrian daughter was able to wear new riding boots purchased shortly ago, posted in another writing here. However with the temperatures hovering below freezing levels this past two weeks, her time within the barns has given her a serious need to avoid frostbite to her toes and feet, so we had to purchase another pair of warmer winter boots for both horse riding lessons and barn work to keep her from freezing. These new riding boots rise only just above the ankle rather than to the knee, something looking more like a hiking boot.

For riding a horse she wanted her pants covered so she recently invested in a pair of "chaps" worn around the lower leg, zipped up at the side and elastic slipped over the top of the boot, gently placed under its center underneath to hold it in place. They also assist in keeping her warmer.

While on a virtual shopping spree, she also opted for a helmet protector cover, to save her black suede from the dirt in the barns. This fancy-dancy helmet cover came today, along with the chaps, and she is in her element, completely enthralled with equestrian extremity fashions. Well, she is definitely becoming well stocked with the proper gear for the task, and we're pleased she has paying jobs to help pay for all the things she still hopes to acquire. *smile*