Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Listening to something beautiful...

When I composed the article below entitled; “Take Time”, I mentioned listening to something beautiful each day.

I have always been a lover of music, and enjoy a huge variety of musical styles. I made a purchase while at Costco the other day and I must admit, so will hubby - it’s fabulous! We bought acclaimed vocalist, Andrea Bocelli’s latest CD/DVD titled; “Under the desert sky”, a first concert to North America where he played not only his classical Italian and Spanish songs famous for, but also a few popular pieces.

I had no idea this great singer was blind, not until I wondered why his eyes were closed in almost every photo inside the CD covers. The CD was unique, in that there also was included a DVD, with his live concert at Lake Las Vegas, featuring David Foster on piano.

Thinking of Andrea Bocelli in a concert situation, I wondered what it would be like, maybe quite boring as he just stood there. Nothing like that! While hubby and I watched the concert here at home using this DVD, we both admitted it would’ve been an excellent (!) concert to actually attend ourselves, outdoors in the desert, in a spectacular surrounding, with guest singers, dancers behind him during one number, hoping on the piano and kicking David Foster off to play himself, torch bearers near the end who dove off architectural arched areas in the building to the left of the stage, then the fantastic fireworks at the end of the concert itself. A first class concert was certainly appreciated by all attending, the setting obviously terrific. The filming during the concert was different too, showing land contours of the area’s beauty, those mountains, and the beautiful lake in the background.

Some time ago, the big news headline was when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married in a grand castle in picturesque Italy. Andrea Bocelli would not attend their Scientology style wedding, announcing he couldn’t, as he was a practicing Catholic, though he did attend the wedding reception, and wooed them and their invited guests with terrific love songs.

I wondered about this singer seeing all the publicity of his loved musical style as a classical singer, also remembering his hot hit with Celine Dion called “The Prayer”. I've found out since he is married with two young sons, sang for the Pope not once but twice, and is an accomplished musician, also able to play piano, trumpet, saxophone, and others. WOW!

We here in our home love classical Spanish guitar music, Italian music too, so when purchasing the CD, then listening to it shortly after in the van on the way home, admittedly, we are both so impressed, love the entire CD’s composed selections, that I wanted to make mention of it here, as something beautiful to listen to. I guarantee it’s not “elevator” music, but rather one can listen to it anytime of day and enjoy it fully. We're interested in collecting all his music now, addding him into our plethora music collection. From Blues to Jazz, classical to Italian, Mexican to Greek, Zen to Naturescapes, Pop to Soft Rock, I think we have almost every category covered except that dreaded Rap stuff and Hard core Rock YUCK! From elevator music to a funky beat, our toes tap in time to music around here and when the children play the piano, hands and feet often accompany them.

Nine songs are included on the CD, ten on the DVD concert itself.

You can listen at the link featured here over an Amazon