Sunday, January 14, 2007

Little Brownie in the forest.

A weekend to remember!
All smiles

Our little Brownie experienced her very first camp day, deep in the woodsy forest quite a way from our home. A wintry day too with the residue of icy white pellets dropping in the night, creating a super slick driving experience for mommy to get her there on time. It was comforting to note two other drivers, one behind me and the other having passed me and in the lead, all of us holding up our maps created for the day's journey. We became a small caravan together.

The crisp cool air necessitated winter woolens, and I personally was deeply satisfied to have all my woolens with me including cozy warm boots for the many outdoor activities, hike, and bonfire camping sing song.

Meals were wonderful for "campers", and my chores weren't difficult thus allowing me something to do beyond the simple stand around in between activities.

Crafts were plenty, our daughter making four of them and loving it all. Her autograph page within her camp activity book was filled by nightfall with every camper (25 girls), mothers, leaders and teen helpers. We figure there were just over 40 people present making a special time for the girls, and that was a large group to be in the small chalet together!

Sleep came easily for this young gal, brownies dancing in her dreams to make her wake up smiling with the memory. This is how a young gal should wake up, happily, sweetly and thankful for her day with mommy and friends.

Sweet and precious!