Friday, January 05, 2007

Take one perfect sunny day....

Take one beautiful sunny day….

A perfect day for a drive

Noticing all the snow fencing erected
around large flat areas of farm lands

Noticing cute little stores like this one

Happy girls from their visit to a large
horse tack supplier. She found a horse she
wants us to adopt "for the family" (wink)

New boots for a daughter to use
for her horse riding lessons.

More horse grooming brushes were
purchased by this gal herself,
and her very own horse tote tray set up.

Hanging out at Michael’s craft store

Searching the heritage part of town
hunting for lovely older homes,
especially noting the Victorian era
ones we found along the narrower streets.

Meeting hubby for an early dinner

Browsing the stacks to see what’s new and on sale

Using my birthday Starbucks card
(thank you, thank you)
to enjoy a featured drink

Cinnamon Dolce Latte
All hail the return of warm, sweet (half sweet for me), cinnamony goodness. Take a moment and let it embrace you - the soft, warm feeling as it touches your lips. (I'll buy that. It embraced me alright, or rather "braced" me for the drive home later)

Visiting a unique store called
“La Cache”
to check out the half price clothing
on "April Cornell" wear.

Driving home with my still hot,
tummy warming drink,
in a torrent of a rain storm!

Home at last,

Home sweet DRY home!