Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow forts and battle grounds.


As is a tradition in our family, when a snowfall is deep and pliable enough, the children always get a brainy idea to “create” things in it. The natural instinct to make and through an array of snowballs at others usually grows accompanies the longing desire to make snow forts for continued battles throughout the day.

Big brother makes an exciting fortress .

Back in the west, our children found natural forming hills and tree groves to make their forts, or one older son used to bring out a rather large, clear Rubbermaid container to make giant Lego bricks, stacked up for a realistic battle wall. Since he was much older, he could lift the heavy-laden bins and keep up the endurance to assist his younger siblings in such fine creations.

The beginning....of something grand.

Last week I was able to snap but a few photos of the four children out in back, making such a snow fort. Rather than use smaller containers to fill up and hoist into position, someone decided my two laundry baskets would suffice. Little did they realize how heavy these would become over time, though they did manage to create a large circular shaped fort, two baskets tall. One by one, the work began to appear overwhelming to the younger ones, and a few slowly trickled away to do other things. This is what they ended up with....this time!

Laundry baskets serve a new purpose!

As I sit and glance outside to see the snow fort today, a smile comes across my face to see its present shape, a little distorted compared to its original building date, something resembling a “stone hedge” of sorts. However, it’s still there, ready to use at a moments notice for battle games once more.

Stopping along the way to do battle.

These days, their manmade ice rink has become an all encompassing, and very absorbing distraction, giving their all to maintaining it for usage abilities. They have decided they’re tired of the continued snowfalls, likely due to all the work they are challenged with afterwards. With energy levels depleted by nightfall, they fall into a deep slumber once hitting their pillows!