Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Well, how are we doing over here?

Most definitely the east is catching up to you folks in the west! Surely it snowed like the dickens all night long and I awoke to the squeels of happy children this day.

In the early morning hours, much earlier than anticipated, three children were already outside (attempting) to shovel off the driveway before becoming distracted with the volume and depth of the snow beneath them, offering instead to build igloos. All this even before it was time to rise from our slumbers. The brightness outside obviously woke one up, who in turn ran to greet the others with whoops of joy~ proclaiming this day his!

Stopping to take a break from shoveling the driveway.

Last night I was still able to play "taxi mom", getting to the two children's activities, and just in time too, as I drove home from the last one with snow drifting across the road before me while heading home.

All was well during the evening, such a pretty scene outdoors. We knew it was supposed to snow until noon or so today, and did it snow or what?

This morning our older son was alarmed when he wasn't able to find his dog, the husky Sh'nook. He searched the entire interior of the barn wondering if she'd escaped, then entered the large pen area near tears. After screaming her name, she poked her head from the deep snow, happily sleeping underneath of it, and almost smiling when he came to give her affections for the morning. What a scare, but what a sweet pup too. I guess we have to remember she is a snow dog afterall, so it should have come as no surprise, but it did.

The snow has accelerated from this;

to this...
In this photo I snapped below, perhaps you can faintly make out our two garbage cans at the foot of the driveway, snowed in, necessitating someone to make a rescue and dig them out for the ease of the garbage man's pickup later this morning.

What a lovely day!

A winter wonderland, a child's fantasy garden for exploring and creating sculptures, forts, castles and an abundance of imaginary play. Give a child a shovel, a spray bottle of colored water, warm clothes and off they go for the day.

Our motto in the west over the years was to cancel school for snowy days, as they came so infrequently. Today, but of course due to the weather format, certainly all schooling is cancelled for the day. Let the children explore their outdoor energetic play options, marvel at the winter whiteness, wonder about God's beauty before them, and admire such a day as this one. May these children of ours enjoy their time outdoors, appreciate the warmth of the fire and the steamy hot chocolate in the pot to warm their bellies. And won't they sleep well tonight?

Let the play continue!

Have a blast! Have a marvelous day out there!

The fact that the rest of the world has lost its innocence has no bearing on the way i choose to raise my own children.
~ Anonymous