Thursday, January 25, 2007

Skating rink time

The winter weather is becoming more frigid, allowing for seasonal activities to commence outdoors. Travel anywhere around our area and you'll find people outdoors dressed sensibly with scarves, mitts, woolen hats, and arctic weathered coats. I hear folks speaking about their long johns under their pants, children too, that is if they haven't already suited up in snow pants to remain warm from the chilly air. Boots sold here are arctic coded, and much more expensive for the family budget. My hubby's work boots allow for lowered temperatures down to -60 degrees, with lunar landing module insulation inside to enhance outdoor abilities. Hats and gloves are similar, the good ones anyway.

There are vast amounts of man-made ice rinks with people out skating on them, even in the dark of the evening. With a cold chill these days dropping the mercury down in the thermometers, somewhere to the depths of -14 degrees today and there is a fabulous recipe for ice formation.

Snow shovel in one hand, ice skates in the other.

In the back of the property, the same area in the pictures from a previous writing, where water seems to form naturally, our son discovered yesterday to be "thumb up" in approval by our older son. He trudged out there with a show shovel in one hand, and his ice skates in the other. Carefully he cleared the snow from the ice below to discover its thickness. Hobbling on one foot, he changed into his skates while standing up, and took a big lunge glide over it. My only regret was not knowing he was out checking the ice out, and only getting the picture above when returning to the house.

Happy to say I know what our children have devised for this afternoon's activity, dreaming of ways to haul out more water to splash onto the ice surface, creating a glistening and smooth zambony-like mirror image.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Both Grand-daughters loving the ice
time with their daddy in the background.

Meanwhile, cool temperatures have been similarly freezing into ice out west, the following pictures were sent to us as proof, ice rinks are over there too. Okay, we're even!

Our 4 year old Grandson enjoys
playing hockey with his daddy.