Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Bunny Love

He's grown quite a bit since we first purchased this little fellow and adopted him as our own. Actually "Floppy" belongs to this little gal, who loves him so much.

After having a little friend over last weekend, with the mother explaining to her how she used to bring her rabbit inside to play often, she decided today her bunny hadn't been privileged to see her bedroom, and be able to run around in there awhile, so she gathered him up, litter box and all (yes, he is self litter trained!), took him up to her bedroom and allowed him to dance about all over the hardwood floor. He does the cutest little dance when running around the barn every day during his playtime, often kicking his heels together and bouncing up and down.

This loving bunny adores our daughter, cuddling up under her chin when held against her. He's begun a bad habit though recently, nibbling at her coat detailing. Hmmmm....