Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stampin Tags and Card making fun!

The Art of Paper crafts

Making Gift Tags!

Last month already, these were my new artsy whimsies, making tags with rubber stamps and other assorted embellishments. I must apologize for the sore looking scans as the details aren't as noticeable and I admit to being in a hurry to get these scanned. I also must admit I wasn't able to part with any of them, so I'll be making more soon and one day you just might be the lucky recipient of your own. (smile)

Using a diecut system at a local scrapbooking store, punch out a whole stash of various shapes and sizes of prepared tags, or make your own very easily with cutters and a hole punch. Voila!

I would like to encourage you to try this fulfilling crafty time yourself, it's so easy and you can make many in a snap. Try a scrapbooking store for punching out the tags in various shapes and sizes with their diecuts and your paper, then saunter home again to get creating!

Making cards!

Also overdue to post here are my handmade cards, the ones I lovingly made to give away....and also couldn't just yet. What is it with making these lovelies and having a hard time parting with them? Perhaps the sweat of making them in the first place? Sheesh!

Here's a tour of the latest in my ever growing "collection"....

These don't show up well, but they were sure fun to make!

Things copper and gold and I gave this one away!

More fun to make goodies!

Reverse imaging using wax paper and roller

Love this one! Yes, I have given a few away haven't I? Lest I feel as though I only make these to hoard them all to myself, Alyse & Roger, surely you recognize this twin to yours right?

A "bookmark" card.
(Perforated lines to the right of the card allow the recipient to carefully rip the bookmark off and use it as a keepsake.)

And, it would not be complete without showing you WHERE I make these paper crafts, and become all absorbed in my scrapbooking memory making as well. So here is my office nook, all ready for me to sit down with a cup of tea and lose myself in something just for me.

The framed artwork with my name on it is an enlargement from a fantastic and lovingly decorated envelope a good friend made for me before moving from the west. She doesn't know yet what I've done with this, but I want her to see it here on the blog. I must hang it up soon though!

Thank you all my friends for the keepsake items I have to grace this room with. Not all are shown here, but then, this is the last room with a work in progress on the to do list yet.

This case below was one I found browsing on the internet for a more effective storage system for containing and displaying all our rubber stamps here. I find it just perfect and yet, know no one who could bless me by making one of these. Too bad!

Over to you my friends, show me your goodies too.