Monday, January 22, 2007

Take time to find laughter in your day!

Take time to find laughter in your day!

What we've been watching?

Poor Ricky Ricardo! A Cuban bandleader performing at the Tropicana, a man married to Lucy Ricardo, someone he’d prefer to settle down being happy as his wife and her role as a housewife in general. Filmed in the early fifties, good old Lucy was so far ahead of her time, both in show business and as a woman of the day. With their landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz, they concoct the silliest adventures sure to crack a smile and a hearty belly laugh from anyone.

I remember as a child watching the “I Love Lucy” series every night at 5:00pm. Shortly before our dinner hour, in black and white of course, knowing she was a fiery red head.

With a sibling around or several, we’d break out into a frenzy of giggles, howling at her zany and sometimes outrageous performances. What this woman could and would do, was beyond my comprehension at the time, but somehow her famous “Vegevivitamin juice” (say that one three times!) and her day working on the "chocolate factory assembly line”, left an indelible storage for laughter as the years passed by.

We collect many old videos, and have our share of oldies but goodies. We’ve enjoyed many “I Love Lucy” single series videos, and the “Here’s Lucy" ones when available. Now however, as in the case of many other television series shows, the “I Love Lucy” seasons have been boxed up and are currently for sale in any store or online. We have a firecracker red head in our home; these are also her favorite laugher lifters, as well as all of ours, so we decided to take the plunge for the entire season one. The rule though, a hard one for all to follow, has been leaving the box in the van for long drives and wait times when out and about ONLY, until all complete of course. For the past few weeks, there haven’t been any complaints of having to tag along for the ride, imagine that!

Our van has become wild at times, with roaring fits of laughter, and while in front fulfilling my duty as driver of the day, not able to see the screen in the center of the ceiling, I can only imagine what I’m hearing, but I find myself giggling a lot too. Lucy took the cake when she wanted to assist in Ricky's publicity for the club, contacting the media stating she was "Maharincess of Franistan".

So fun! So crazy! A classic!

Very soon, we’ll take another plunge with the same ruling being applied to van only DVD times, with the purchase of “The Waltons, Season three”, another beloved series for us, such a wholesome and respectable show towards family life.