Friday, August 14, 2009

Pitching in at the barn

Our self professed "country girl and proud of it" gal is always more than ready to roll up her sleeves and assist any way she can over at the barn where she is an avid horse rider.

Her new hat professes her sincere love of "horse rider" and "country gal", wearing it proudly while teaching lessons to young girls or assisting in trail riding sessions.

Mama and her new foal

These hairy beasts depend on hard working gals like her and all of the other horse loving girls hanging around the barn this summer, just because...

As one of my daughter's friends says; "What is with girls and horses anyway?" The two just seem to go together some how. Ask either of our daughters still living at home, and both will grin wide before an answer has a chance to creep up to their lips.

I guess it came as no surprise then when the haying became an all out effort to bring in the winter crop. Hours and hours of swinging bales became an activity for day's end before the predicted storm hit the area hard.

Both of our teens were present this day, rolling up their sleeves and offering their muscles to get that multi wagon loaded bunch of hay out of the elements and into the barn. A crew of others were also present, each grabbing bouncing bales as it fell off of the gourney after its long way upwards into the barn opening.

Several of these came along full to the brim and within no time at all they were pulled away empty. Water jugs were devoured in the heat workers were surrounded by, satisfaction for a good effort kept them moving when the next load came to call.
It was really hard work, harder than it looks anyway. And then we got the call... our son was having an allergy attack from the flying dusty bits of straw flying about and an immediate pickup was required. Two days later he was able to feel slightly recovered, and now realizes how his father can feel when in the same position in his every day living from the fallout of a lung issue.

Sore arms resulted the following day, but another country experience was enjoyed by all, even me who snapped many photos of the event for this seasonal timing.