Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 25

When the water's edge calls....we are obedient!

  • We've been experiencing very HOT temperatures with extremely high humidity.
  • When our wooden floors in our home begin to feel damp to the skin on our feet as we waltz about from room to room, it's become very humid.
  • When a deep sleep requires even lower temperatures on the air conditioning, the heat outdoors has maintained its position on the thermometer well.
  • But when the air conditioning becomes a dependency factor for someone's well being, we don't even blink or ponder, its a given, we just get that air conditioning blasting through the inside of our home for sheer coping measures, hoping for a reprieve from the necessary plethora of Salbutamol puffer spray shot intervals offering consolation when that suffocating feeling begins to creep into the walls of my hubby's lungs.
  • When my hubby leaves for work, air conditioning in the vehicle, and consequently at the office continues to offer a reprieve from any assorted ill effects which may creep in.
  • Finally when the rest are able, we raise those temps up again for the day while he's away and await the "call" so we can head to the beach.

Here are a few photos I was able to snap while enjoying sublime moments with deep satisfaction from obeying "the calling", that is until I absolutely felt compelled to head down the long boardwalk to a store and purchase a beach umbrella to offer a bit of reprieve from such a boiling hot day.

Yes, even the water was unusually warm thus not able to offer a refreshing cooling off effect for those who took a dip when absolutely necessary. Swim and shoulder protection was a must, swim shirts mandatory!

Yikes, baby it was HOT out there!


From the beach its sandy walls rise,
Its turrents reach up to touch the skies.
A tiny moat dissolves the keep.
It's pavers are strong, though only two inches deep.
Tiny footprints embedded in the sand,
Where once a child there did stand.
It's grace and beauty a short time will last,
Before the sea washes it into the past.

~ Author unknown

(P.S. For Andrea; It's "Beach Week" on the blog.....grin, grin.)