Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 29

Take one husband who has encountered a difficult day to the water's edge, one seemingly tags along grumbling and muttering something under his breath about being treated and carted around like one of my children, and I will present to you ONE man, in dire need of recognizing graceful possibilities. LOL

On a day to day basis his work is often intense, filled with an abundance of responsibility, loaded with decision making, attending telephone conferences and/or corporate meetings, and managing multitudes of staff situated geographically both near and far. Oh yes (tongue in cheek), he's just like one of my children alright (hee hee, but heh, as he would say - if the shoe fits....) but truly in all seriousness, he does know that *I am* usually the one he calls his thermometer; when my the red begins to rise for alerting me to the sensitive timing on his overdue on-purpose relaxation action , there is just something about spontaneity to make it happen right away. :)

As a result of my own determination to overrule him for his own good instead, my confident and controlled voice will sound off just like that of an Air Flight Captain when making his flight announcement to the passengers onboard; "Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight". I can say that you know. I can. That's because I also get behind the wheel and do the driving on such days to give him even MORE time yet to unwind first before hitting sand and surf. snicker, snicker...

Psssst - don't tell him I told you so, but he really, really needed this day I'm about to unfold for you below, if not for any other reason than to render him fresh air breathing abilities (sans humidity!) where he could just seek solace and begin to suck back the refreshing sea air to ease up on a tough day with air climate control issues. Frustration can easily mount, and it does when not being able to take a simple and easy routine breath and the concentration alone sure can take its toll on anyone with respiratory issues, of that I can assure you.

That said....
Kite boarders in action

Just in case someone else requires a wee tutorial of sorts for the presentation delivery of an "beaching visit" in your home, here's what I would coach you to do...
  • 1 - Take one spouse who has experienced a tough day arriving home after chugging along through rush hour traffic, who then shuffles his feet through the door in (very possibly) a wet dishrag mode (grumpy!) and with your sweetest voice, suggest he take a few moments to change into clothing suitable for outdoors, freshen up a bit, maybe suggest to have a power nap while at it, and when he's completed those tasks, be sure to have a cold beverage and snack ready in the kitchen (or take in on the road with you).
  • 2 - Have the family vehicle already packed and your children ready to depart on a moment's notice (when dad heads out the door - that's the key, it's time to leave...and fast!); with his favorite chair, refreshments, a hat, an umbrella if necessary, comfort food, and a front row seating to the most beautiful vista near your local water's edge.
  • 3 - If your spouse won't go willingly - why not kidnap him! (LOL). Eventually you'll get to this number stage, I promise. Take a good look at the photo above... see my husband sitting after some time has passed in a rather noticeably visible tense type of mode with hands still clasped tightly and a bit of a frown on his face? Obviously he's not yet completely relaxed in any shape or form, and (sigh) - this is a man who is not sure if he would rather be here yet or at home sulking by having a long nap in his own bed. LOL
  • 4 - Just as in a Dick & Jane child's early reader, it comes down to this;
See him begin to unwind. (It may take a long, LONG while).
See him all tense and knotted up at first, a contrast will result eventually.
See him soon become in tune with his surroundings.
See him soon melt involuntarily, relaxation now visible on his face.
See him become restful.....actually beginning to crack a genuine smile, all ready for his front row reserved seating for a lovely sunset session.
See him now realize how necessary this day's end has been for him.

He hugs his wife...and thanks her eventually.
(That's because she always knows just what to do! (wink, wink)

Sending much love to my hubby who is likely reading this too today. Heh sweety, weather looks great for a sunset at the water's edge tonight. Need it?

And let the just feast,
and rejoice before God:
and be delighted with gladness
~ Psalm 67:4

  • 5 - Last but not least, take a few silent very private moments to compose yourself by closing your eyes and knowing success is definitely now at hand. Offer complete and utter thanksgiving for this beautiful gift before you, not only the vista views but also the gift of offering someone a fill-up of refreshment he never knew he so desperately required. And then, reach out and hold your hubby's hand as you both witness the sun plunge into its evening bliss together on that stretch of water's edge.
  • 6 - Might I also suggest by this time everyone commence a verbal "thank you" to daddy for allowing them to get to the beach for such a fun time. (sneaky huh?) Actually, all said and done, at the end of a day, there are no losers - only winners all.
But wait! Last tip for you; Begin to observe your man rise ever slowly from his chair and just like that (snap of fingers), quite suddenly he's in no hurry at all to return home. He stretches his limbs. He sniffs a last gulp of air. He takes a look up and down the beach to capture the remaining surroundings, and then while thoroughly relaxed, he takes his sweet time preparing to depart. (Two thumbs up!)


Do you know someone who could use a day like this? Go on then! What are you waiting for? Just - make it all happen and ignore the grumbling.

And besides, how can anyone NOT crack a smile and discover an attitude adjustment quickly when observing the scenes before those of a beautiful sunset, just like these below...


"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power
and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,

for everything in heaven and earth is yours.

Yours O LORD, is the kingdom;
you are exalted as head over all.
Wealth and honor come from you;
you are the ruler of all things.
In your hands are strength and power
to exalt and give strength to all.
Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name."

~ 1 Chronicles 29: 11-13