Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 21

Summertime Salads - Oh Yum!

How do you like your summer salads?

Do you like a very green leafy lettuce, just like my romaine above?

How does a saucy sassy and HOT shrimp with cilantro and freshly ground ginger sound over top of your torn greens?

Or are you one of the very typical North Americans who prefers a bunch of chopped up other veggies thrown upon your lettuce base?

All salads are delicious food fare to me. It's just great when someone else makes it, isn't it? Okay, so here's a thought....what is on your grocery list for your farmer's market salad topping purchase this week? Oh, and don't forget to choose a great lettuce for the base of it all.