Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten Things I'm Thankful for...

I think it's high time for another "Ten things I'm Thankful for" post today, and that is just what I"ll do. The photos reserved for this type of posts are stacking up in my photo folder, so without delay folks, here goes another bunch of tributes for "thankful things". Keep in mind these are just some of those simple things I'm grateful for and without any doubt, there are zillions more I could place here as well. Ten items works for me though, easy reminders of simple pleasures often overlooked in the busyness of life.

1- I'm thankful for those rare moments when able to explore our new geographical area without a deadline to run someone here or there, rather just take my time with my hubby when able to revel over a chance finding of a new (very fun!) coffee shop. Everything about this little place resounded with "quaint", "organic" and "welcome". We'll be back!

2 - I'm thankful for new life at the barn that sent our girls into a huge tizzy last weekend when a foal arrived early in the morning. The energy bouncing off the walls in our home after the telephone calls with the birth announcement became utterly contagious. The girls were on standby, awaiting a return call where permission to visit almost became too much for their curious hearts. This sweet filly was not yet cleaned by her mama at that time, and when the girls were finally able to saunter up for a peak, they were able to guide the mama horse to the sand ring with her babe, placenta still hanging and in tow. (gross, but such is life for these animals). Oh what fun to have a daily 'drive by' to see the foal's sprint dancing near her mama! SO Thankful for our girls to have these opportunities while living here!

3 - I'm thankful for life at the water's edge. You know me - love those fleeting moments when the wind tussles in my hair, the spray of water splats on my face and my toes can sink into the sand. This area of detour becomes sheer bliss to me anytime of day or night!

4 - I'm thankful for having an in-house chef and sous-chef who work simultaneously together to "create experiences" rather than just "meals". Yes, there is a difference! :-) We all smirked though when this meal experience began with our daughter having to peel the asparagus to smooth perfection beforehand...teehee...

Her reaction at first was ; "Do you know how long this will take me to do daddy?" And then she just shrugged her shoulders, grabbed the vegetable peeler and began her work with three other adults sitting comfortably nearby on the bar stools taking the scene here all in.

5 - I'm thankful for Green GRASS! Yes, if you have followed our forest clearing experiences, grass is growing and looking rich and green. Selfishly we have hoped for the summer rains to continue, however warm or however many thunder and lightning storms have accompanied those rains. With the exception of only four very warm and humid days this week, our sprinkling sessions were limited due to lovely and warm sprinkles of rain.

6 - I'm thankful for summertime where playing cards, game times and puzzle making continues. And even despite funny cards sporting blue hearts instead of red ones to throw anyone off, our wild "Crazy eights", "Hearts", Cribbage", "Mille Bornes", and assorted other card games continues.
7 - I'm thankful for surprises in the mail, even if they weren't for me. Now to have a refrigerator that allows for magnets to hold sweet and thoughtful items from the grandchildren. As a substitute, I was able to secure 4 bulletin boards from Ikea we'll be hanging side by side to display all of the children's (ours and Grand) work, notes, photos, etc.

8 - I'm thankful for spying this eagle's nest high above the land but gracing all with plain views. Watching bald headed eagles in flight often reminds me of B.C. where their mouse hunting efforts were encouraged and absolutely continue to be here.

9 - I'm thankful for easier meals in summertime when it becomes too hot to cook when temperature highs are in the high thirties and humidity hits 80%. Naturally easier meals at home, or on the outdoor patio decking of a local establishment are appreciated by the teens who love to include pizza for one in their diets no matter what time of day it might be. Breakfast? Sure! Hot or cold? Sure! Leftovers? Absolutely!

10 - I'm thankful for finding a new Veterinarian who was able to take our two canine pets onboard as new patients, assisting in a terrible "hotspot" issue with this dog so that she required immediate attention. With a lampshade like this, we wondered about the other dog biting it off, but the only worse part of sporting it for over a week was entering and exiting the dog house when outdoors. She got stuck often and the house shook as if an earthquake was underfoot...often! Very funny!

Those are just a few of my "Thankful things" for this week. You can read more posts by clicking HERE to view them all.