Saturday, August 01, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 16

Summertime Clothing Fun

Lifting the wintry wardrobe darker hues out of our lives and sending them into orbit during spring and summertime by introducing color in a whole new way seems to offer an immediate sense of good cheer to both the wearer and the audience.

With only a quick glance inside of our clothing closets and dresser drawers, it's a test for all of us on how we dress ourselves over the course of a year by the colors we choose to wear. If we grab a color chart, do you tend to hover in the dark colors only or do you sprinkle some pastels and brilliant shades of color into your life instead? Do you alternate your colors for the seasons, and if not, why not? Just curious...

This photo below makes me want to gallop out (wink) and buy some fabric to get sewing something for myself.

Celebrate Summer with Color!

I just LOVE this funky bright and brilliant colored top on my girl.