Monday, August 24, 2009

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

It's been a week again, time for another installment of my "Ten Things I'm Thankful For", though as usual I could mention dozens of items and not just ten. A few off the top of my head are;
  • Surviving 8 trips back and forth to the dentist in two weeks; a few at a time, a few who required dental work, one bite adjustment, one wisdom teeth removal consultation, and mommy alone. The joy of summer jobs and children who require separate appointments.
  • Three so far have been to our new Optometrist, only three more to go.
  • Celebrating Liturgical Feasts, like this past Sunday with a trip to Dairy Queen (In honor of a Queen) after Mass.
  • Thankful for duct tape holding our tent canopy together on the back deck.
  • Hosting even more company several nights last week.
  • Donating a whole sac of blood, that is being able to because my hemoglobin was high enough to do it. It just makes so much "pay it forward" sense to do that type of thing to me.
  • Taking time (long overdue) for a few mommy moments, not just a cuppa but a pedicure. Woot woot.
  • Getting the boys haircuts before school begins.
  • Looking forward to turning off the summertime taxi light on top of the family vehicle.

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- 1 - I'm thankful for the flowers around the house, the ones my husband continues to bless me with. These blooms have lasted quite some time and remind me all the time of the necessity to take time out to marvel over the absolute beauty of the season.

2 - I'm thankful for "The Red Cross Blood Donor Program", especially after we've heard story after story about how much blood donors' donations save lives.
  • Our former piano teacher's husband has endured almost 80 blood transfusions and thanks donors with notes in local newspapers often.
  • Our nephew (grand nephew) became deathly ill and required an emergency one last year.
  • And quite a few of my husband's respiratory friends at the hospital have been lucky recipients of someone's good intentions.
Please consider donating blood by making an appointment at the Red Cross location near to you by browsing their website for dates and times - check it our on THIS LINK HERE.

- 3 - I'm thankful for our son's wonderful experience at the summer boy's camp with all of his new friends from our Catholic community. With one Priest overseeing the camp week, several Seminarians, some of the Dads and visiting Priests, what a crazy bunch they proved to be once more with their canoe trip in black cassocks, all standing and tipping themselves over into the water. Picture a priest in his black cassock soaking wet hauling his canoe to shore and you can only imagine the fun everyone has together on those canoe trips.

- 4 - I'm thankful for this sweet new foal born three weeks ago, the new resident at the barn who has provided our family and all the stable riders with sweet entertainment. Our daughter's friend was able to place this very tiny red halter on her this week, so cute.

- 5 -I'm thankful for the call from our library announcing my reserved books were awaiting pickup. School comes right around the corner so aside from multitudes of things to do this week in preparation for the start date to begin, I have some new to me type of "mommy reading" to take me away from the hustle of the moment, specific types of books I rarely have time to read.

Our local library is archaic, just in a few ways. Before our move eastward, I was used to a library who allowed online browsing and reserving abilities, wonderful for one click borrowing privileges. Since our leave from B.C., our last library was about to proceed with this same type of computer reservation system, and then we moved here expecting something similar. Nope. I feel as though I've taken a step back in time some days, especially when our local librarians prefer we hand in a "wish list" of books or other items we're hoping to borrow in time. I handed in a lovely list several weeks ago but much to my surprise - they all seem to have arrived at the same time. Most of the books in the photo above were from my list. Not my usual type of reading material , but I have to admit they look just scrumptious to me about now!

- 6 - I'm thankful for the little ritual our youngest daughter began and continues to do every evening before she retires to bed. She readies the coffee pot for her father's early morning cup and then writes him a love note. Day after day she writes a note and then she leaves a blank sheet of paper and pen next to it for my husband to write one back to her. This photo above was the very first along the way, both writing on the same note. I'm going to keep them all, love them.

- 7 - I'm thankful for two sons who are six years apart but share a love of golf and scoring result around the same levels. I love it when they head off for another round together and this photo above shows them sharing a new bunch of golf balls they had to purchase, the first ones since we moved east because of our continual supply offers from living near a golf course in our former home.

- 8 - I'm thankful for the two large arced windows which are now replaced due to broken seals, and I'm also thankful for the safety of the men who had to perform this superman feat. Of course one of them just had to be the very largest and highest to reach near the roof, way up there, but it's now complete and checked off our "still-to-have-done" list. :-)

Although our list of deficiencies seems to be getting shorter with our builder and his trades, unfortunately we had more news today for additional items to place on our master list. At the end of this week, scaffolding will be set up at the front of our home for quite some time. It appears the few rocks on the facing of our home were not installed correctly afterall (the ones that were loose when our son was on a ladder and placed his hand on them, shocked they moved inward at the same time). The front facing of our home on either sides of the front doorway, under two of the main areas of the roof require all of the rockwork facing to be replaced. The original installation mud was not adequate for the job, something like that. Another opportunity for patience, yes?

- 9 - I'm thankful for mommy moments when the discovery of a new and quaint coffee shop seemingly invites me through their doors with a cheery hello.

"Make mine something frothy please....and I'll just sit a spell and ponder the goodness of this special day."

- 10 - I'm thankful for
(so very thankful for!) being safe and sound after the Province of Ontario's weather went quite mad over the past few days. My hubby decided to head home from work early for no reason at all last Thursday (Guardian Angels!), and decided our dinner should be cooked over his BBQ. A few moments later, the weather patterns shifted to something dark and scary, monsoon rains began to fall while thunder clapped in the sky before releasing lightning bolts aplenty. Tornadoes ripped through many areas, some creating so much damage and trauma everywhere. One city alone saw 600 homes damaged, 40 buildings and 2 schools with foundational problems. Lightning has struck many people, critically in some of the cases. In the photo above, my hubby looked stranded under our canopy while cooking, and within a short while we begged him to come inside.

Our daughter was at the barn with a friend and required a rescue from the weather surfacing around her with the high winds and wicked lightning, our son's friend was driving towards our home with him in tow right into the eye of the storm. Very scary! Very, very scary! We really thought we had moved from tornado areas when arriving here, not so. But then, the locals say this is highly unusual weather to them, so let's hope so.

P.S. About my last post..... My husband read it later in the day and enjoyed my slapstick humor very much. He claimed I made his day brighter and nodded his head about the whole thing. He did caution me however to perhaps let all my readers be aware of our wacky type of humor, and not to assume it was a disrespectful bit of writing in any way towards my dear, sweet and wonderful man. Not so. We're a bit crazy here at the best of times, but just in case, I did go ahead and edit my original piece, though just a bit... LOL I would feel devastated if anyone read me wrong and felt I had nothing but a most sincere love with deepest respect and honor for my dear hubby. That man has made my knees buckle for a long, long time and still continues to do the same today. sweet sigh.....

Hugs to all! Renee