Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 18

Discovering Tranquility and Beauty

There's nothing quite like a stroll along the edge of a previously undiscovered water's edge location, one seemingly tucked away in a large Bay's waterway alcoves. This particular one we visited had inviting winding paths, sensational summer blooms exploding with vibrant color in the garden beds carved around those paths, playful fowl paddling about with their bright orange webbed feet poking through the water, and park benches scattered about offering folks a special spot for a moment's rest.

Each park bench provided views of splendor and beauty, challenging all visitors to the area to take a moment (to smell the roses) for capturing the surrounding vistas, and gulping back the subsequent moments of peaceful tranquility offered from the expanse of scenery. Ah, bliss!

As if by chance, my hubby and I were afforded this daytime date with a usual hubbub of a busy family quieting to a gentle hush to allow for it. It was such a lovely fair weathered afternoon where we became quite happily stunned over the exquisite offering this general locale provided for us. We really enjoyed being able to stroll lazily along the edges of the lovely waterway area amidst a beautiful park-like setting.

Centrally located fountain sprays shot upwards to the billowy clouded skies above, and then fell with rhythmic dancing filled with quiet graceful patterns, incredibly mesmerizing to any passerby. Ducks floated and paraded sweetly through the refreshing drizzles below, while other varied wildlife were found drifting about in the varied nooks and crannies of the waterway alcoves.

Everything was a new discovery for us at this geographical location;
  • the gazebo with a fabulous viewing vista and shady seating areas
  • the Japanese arched bridges
  • the pampas grasses swaying in the breeze
  • the lapping of the water on the shores
  • the colorful sailboats drifting out to sea
  • small children giggling nearby
  • the perfume smells from the floral gardens
...and best of all - the joyous rarity of not being in any hurry this particular day for anything else.

Absolutely heavenly!

How good is this during summertime to be able to explore new areas near to a water's edge? Sheer luxury and simple pleasures are two things which come to mind, but all great things in life really are actually free for discovering. If only all passersby could revel in simple appreciation for the tranquility and beauty they offer us each and every day of the year. Like the Nike slogan - just get out and DO IT!

We'll be back for another visit to this area. Oh yes we will!

(P.S. Belated birthday wishes to my kindred friend Sylvia!!! :-) Thinking of YOU! Big hugs!)