Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach or Zoo = BEACH!

This was the big question of the week;
Beach or Zoo?

Well you know we've already been to the zoo since I posted a very basic pictorial collage overview about it, but that time the Zoo won.

This time, the Beach won!

It seems since mid May, our weather has been extra warm and sunny.

Quite a large majority of our days since that third week of May have actually been too hot to get some beachcombing memories in, at least not without someone ending up with a very uncomfortable and unsafe sunburn, or worse yet, maybe even sunstroke.

Yes, it's been just that warm over here, hovering in the high 20C to low 30C for the most part ever since that timing.

Enter into several possible beach days in recent weeks, during an afternoon, or maybe for a front row seat sunset dip.

One sunset evening this week proved very comical as three of our children decided to play in the light off the water, making totem poles, and mimicking the Karate Kid one legged move called; "The Grasshopper".

Playing football, swimming, and combing the beach waters, ended up finding all worked out and soothed by nightfall, sleeping ever so peacefully, well once their heads hit their pillows by day's end.

Taking children to the water's edge is one of God's most fascinating playgrounds, no toy are even necessary. Notice after a little while how they just seem to be smitten with their surroundings, and how easily entertained the hours there prove to be.

Savoring the moments, dipping our feet, walking or splashing about, collecting things, enjoying the vista, this is how we remember these times.

Our visits aren't usually scheduled, or preplanned, rather they become a spontaneous part of our days when considering and taking into mind any humidity issues, and high temperature heat waves.

No matter though, short or long, all visits to the water always offer a respite.

To be by the water's edge is like being present for a mini retreat.

One always takes away more than they first came with, quite frankly and literally speaking.

Such peace awaits the person exploring, walking about, or sitting near to the shore.

There is an offering of tranquility there, for the person who is yearning for that soulful sojourn, the bonus offering for those who make an effort to be there, the ones who have a deep appreciating for the natural beauty of the gift before them, and joyfully begin to gulp it all back.

Come to me,
all ye who labor and are burdened,
and I will give you rest.
~ Matthew 11:28