Monday, June 21, 2010

A Father's Day

This "Father" wasn't sure about this whole day ahead of him.

Strange things began to occur starting the evening before when he noticed the refrigerator was locked, tied shut and children were protecting the kitchen from his visits.

One of them cornered me to say; "Mom, please, you have to take dad out for a while so we can plan together, for tomorrow."

Off suddenly, he was suddenly with me at the wheel, driving away and not knowing why he was given the royal boot from his own home. :)

Stormy clouds to the south, sunny rays to the northwest. To the beach then, which suddenly sounded so perfect.

Two chairs in hand my hand, I ushered my hubby to a front row seating to bid the day's sunset adieu.

Nice. Relaxing. Perfect.

Up and at em on "Father's Day", all were ready on time, and very soon we were off to church early in the morning, with a perfect drive on the sunniest and most beautiful day ever.

No humidity!

Even better!

Great sermon for all to chomp on, all remarked on what fruits we individually reaped from it.

"Pssst - mom!
Could we stop at the store to pick up a couple of things we need for our breakfast on the way home?"

"Yes, no problem"; I replied, though hubby wanted to know what they needed from here.

Once back home again, hubby was whisked away quickly, locked prisoner in his room, with loving orders not to come out until he was summoned.

Plenty of activity was in progress, a big hubbub gathered round the stove; four children with their menu prepared in advance, the dining room table was set up, cards were made, all eager and happy to be serving their daddy this day.

Shame of shames, hubby poked his head out of the bedroom to ask if there was coffee, and then another time to ask again. So impatient. Or was he? Nah, his curiosity was getting the best of him. He was being snoopy, he was.

This was serious to the children!

They took charge by bringing him not only a cup of coffee, but also his guitar and then recommended he get outside on the little deck to enjoy the fresh air, sans humidity.

Frying pans on the stove, eggs being broken nearby, syrup poured into a dispenser and pancakes on the grill, someone else cutting fresh strawberries and another stealing mouthfuls of whipping cream nearby.

All four tried to work together to accomplish their goal, that of a great breakfast for their daddy.

The menu then was clearly;
  • Pancakes with fresh cut strawberries and whip cream
  • scrambled eggs
  • slices of fresh pineapple
  • orange juice
  • coffee
  • and one freshly made mini cake
(the one that had been locked away in the refrigerator for "Father's Day" the night before).

They did good!

In fact, they really did great.

Just a bit of sibling bickering, not too much, an older picking at a younger, elbows thrown up to take charge, you know, usual stuff.

All was well.

After all, this was a day all about celebrating their father, and ahead many other assorted plans were yet to happen, all hoping it wouldn't be too much by days' end to have accomplished, at least I had hoped so.

The kitchen clean-up was organized quite well by all of them, while others were out running the dogs around for a while, walking trails, exploring new bird nests, and checking the water bowls for the bunnies. When one of our dogs was stung several times, and a wasp nest found resting under one of the porch steps, our older son knocked it down to the ground in hope of all flying away, of course also sending everyone running away from the area for fear of being stung.

With such a lovely day, of course mom with camera insisted on a few photos on the deck, the ones of children surrounding their dad on "Father's Day".

And then after a time, we were off again... to a matinee all chose to view together, "The Karate Kid", which had its moments; funny, silly, cultural, and quite dramatic.

Finally, as I took charge with keys in hand, it was my turn to drive and no one knew exactly where we were headed.

As we are from the Westcoast though, and real ocean seafood is not very available or fresh in these parts, we were headed to take dad out to dinner to the "Keg restaurant" because it's currently "Lobster fest time" and he'd been drooling over going there ever since he heard about it!

Okay, so I was a little nervous at first.

I had no reservations and the parking lot, though still early for dinner hour was packed, cars stopped which hadn't been able to park yet, the front guy awaiting someone to reverse from his stall and offer it to him.

I was able to drive around them, and around the corner almost across from the front door, there was an empty spot - for us I thought...smiling.

(Happy Father's Day greetings came in from the west while we dined.)

Entering the waiting area, the front desk area was empty of patrons, though they were all standing around. I asked about wait time, which was 2 1/2 hours to the dining room.

I snickered and said it was such a nice day, we preferred to sit outdoors on the patio, so how long for that. Within no time at all, to my husband's awed amazement (grinning because one of our older daughters will get this one, but good too...winking, for she inspired this dinner idea) there we all were, so lucky (!), with the perfect table, with a spectacular sunset, everyone in such GREAT spirits, out there, together, on that patio having dinner in honor of their father.

Obviously, this is ONE meal with work attached to it!

Some of our children were amazed at just "how much work it entailed to eat a lobster", marveling at the tendrils, claws, shell and assorted other fancies of this seafood luxury their daddy was absolutely, and most thoroughly enjoying.

The rest of us watched, snickered at him working for his meal, and enjoyed the loveliness of the entire day together.

Back home, hubby was happily spent, and off to bed just after 8pm.

One by one, final preparations for the evening's closure were complete and the entire family was retired slowly but surely between 9-10pm.

Day was done.

Memories were incredible this day!

Love you honey.... Happy Father's Day.

(And sending more love and hugs to our father's back on the Westcoast)