Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on "Embracing's next part"...

Just a heads-up there is not only one more part coming to the "Embracing Jeremiah 29:11" series, but two. One will be posted on Monday, the other postdated to come a few days later during the week.

It happens upon occasion, seldom, but it happens when speaking in depth (or writing in depth as in this case) about this dear-to-my-heart topic, I find it sometimes leaves me feeling as though I've been punched in the gut afterward. It's easy for me to write, therapeutic in an odd way in fact, and yet so hard to assimilate when rereading for the editing process, yes - even for me - the author of these original posts.

I recognize when these times occur for me now, sensing that all too familiar dull ache when the heart is hit and a mental time-out for a bit of recovery is required before I'm able to rise and speak/write of it all again.

There is a type of mourning involved, and a deep yearning to rid life of that deeply serious and morbid talk for only a
"normal living mode" once more, even, if only for a little while.

So, rather than edit this whole writing at one sitting, I've spent chunks of time instead meandering back and forth checking off a few pre-summer goals, like the one of decluttering like a mad woman, gardening outdoors on the loveliest days, catching up on the laundry - washing blankets and wintry woolens, hanging them on the wire rack to dry.

It felt good to be back into something "normal" for a while, with ipod earbuds in and me dancing about like a crazy lady. (smiling)

Wanting to suppress the intensity of all the recent medical details for a bit, I always succumb to the reality soon after - over and over again, that no matter how
"normal" the events of the day, or the notes and commitments on the family calendar tend to appear, our lives continue to be anything but that, BUT we try, try, try again to offer up our days with only the purest of intentions, keeping as normal as possible each and every single day.
"In moving through life's pathways, we often miss the heavenly applause and the angelic fanfare that mark our seemingly ordinary moments. Focused on our outward performance, we overlook the spiritual reality of inner victories and heart growth as we face each day with courage. Yet our invisible God sees such moments as the significant occasions of our lives, where greatness is forged through secret choices of faith seen only by him."

~ Sally Clarkson; "from; Dancing with my Father"

Again, it becomes a valued perspective when one's calculated desire is to live each day by treasuring every single moment, and not wanting to miss a thing, while the rhythm of the second hand on the clock ticks round and round inside of its circular shape filled with guided numbers.

Time is such a precious commodity, and yet how we waste it worrying and allowing our lives to become filled with anxieties instead of filling them up with COURAGE!

Seconds can feel like hours. Hours can feel like seconds.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it... We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world."
~ Helen Keller

Even hoping to be cast frozen in time couldn't possibly change a thing when troubled hearts permeate our lives upon occasion, though the sweet smell and visible blessing of loved ones could keep me here in this present state forever. Of that I am certain, though we all know it is hardly possible.

The certainty that "Life is Good" and already ordained in all ways keeps us grounded.

Common sense tells us worrying only takes away the goodness of the present day, so we continue to fling it aside, and pray instead for a grander depth of;
  • peace to fill our empty tanks
  • joyful thoughts to fill our minds

  • for great love to fill our aching hearts
  • promises of hope for the future
  • and the tangible presence and feeling of loved ones near holding us tight.

These are all real life things requiring us to be "live in the moment" and for these almost routine and/or mundane things filling my recent days ~ for these things, I am utterly grateful.

"Do small things with great love"

~ Mother Teresa

Today, I'm living in this moment, thinking of my husband as he attends his typical Friday respiratory physiotherapy this afternoon.

With great humility, may I humbly ask that you to think about and offer prayer for all those afflicted with lung diseases while you try to assimilate the remaining read, trying to imagine how life presents itself in various forms of suffering, including medical presentations which are heady and allow for an unravel of the world's strongest of humans, waves of uncertainty at times filling up every cavity of one's being who (medically) walks this road?

Yes, the diagnosis and lousy prognosis of a lung disease is like that, for anyone, for my husband and for all who are near him during his respiratory physiotherapy program today and every other day he attends it.

On another note....
someone asked me; "Why the tulips?"
The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red and orange tulips are most strongly associated with true love.
This meaning alone ... is all good enough for me to use my "love of flowers" and this photographic tulip subject session, weaving all ever-gently and comfortably throughout this grand epic writing.

Have a great day everyone and may you spared from having to dodge both an earthquake and tornado passing overhead, both on the same day as our day proved to be filled with two days ago. Thankful for our safety, so close and so damaging for areas affected. Whew...

Summer nutty weather..... oh well, what would our lives be without a little bit of drama, huh?

~ Renee