Thursday, June 03, 2010

This Girl

This girl makes us very proud!

This girl has such a loving heart and is such a charitable soul - always.

This girl
has her priorities in good order, something many teens are way too emotionally immature to sift through and sort out at a young age. Not her though as she ages towards the threshold of adulthood.

This girl
offers everyone around her, both human and animal (except cats because she's scared of them) such kindness, and has always had such a magnetic and sweet disposition.

This girl
like her older siblings is always observed to be just the perfect hostess when others visit our home. She utilizes her acquired skills and charm to make others feel welcome here, and lets others know all people in her midst matter to her more than things. She delivers on our parental philosophy born over the years of
"everyone or no one", always remembering and sharpening those philosophies, delivering on them with great skill.

This girl is so quietly humble, we know some of her closest friends feel very lucky to have someone like her in their midst, a good example to boot.

This girl is very cherished within her family.

This girl
, yep, THIS one, truly makes her whole family proud!

This girl just can NOT be thrown off of a horse like that (racing so terribly out of control thoroughbred) again, such heart stopping action for my mother's heart, and her father's, and her entire family's.

"Just a part of horse training"
she says....

Why do our children love the adrenaline rush that comes with such things? snicker...

This girl
is gearing up for an entire summer of horse fun, including horse shows and competitions for the first time. Her first love is definitely that of sitting atop of a horse! grin,grin

Love you girl!

(P.S. Now please stay safe on those beasts and stop dodging from my camera lately.....grin, grin...)