Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Usually I blog in the very early morning hours when the birds are flitting about, singing their tweeting songs, as they find nourishment for their wee ones squawking in their nest.

On days when my husband isn't off to work, I am often greeted by his foodie selections of colorful morning nourishment, which I might add, is always thrilling to be the recipient of.

It always feels so special to be spoiled by a husband who loves to work in the kitchen when able, just that I never know exactly what he's making until it's all complete.

Scrumptious delights met me this day, breakfast which included halved red rosy cherries, small banana slices, a sliced boiled egg with green onion bedded atop a thin slab of turkey, and all presented on a fresh slice of Italian bread.

Oh, did I mention the freshly ground and brewed coffee cup placed next to me?

Ahhhh......true love knows no bounds when one is married for a long, long time to a man who knows exactly what his wife's food loves are (big smiles).

Ever thankful ... I Love My Man! Oh, and I love my man creating in my kitchen too, especially when he joins me and we both share his little offerings while going over our day together! :)